Friday, 28 September 2012

MAC Double Shot lipstick swatch & review

Recently MAC put out a collection of four lipsticks called 'Middle Eastern'. These shades have been added to the permanent range. Two of these are Yash and Mehr from the Mickey Contractor collection. The other two, Double Shot and Tabla, are new. I got Double Shot, albeit with some apprehension.

 MAC describes Double Shot as full bodied Mocha cream. It looked too dark ( my likes) that I crinkled my nose the moment I twisted the stick up. But a single stroke of the color on my lips made me change my mind. On my lips, it comes out as a very soft brown with a mauve undertones. It is a flattering shade and would suit almost all skintones.

 Double Shot is part of the amplified finish family. It is super creamy and quite pigmented, going opaque in a single swipe. The finished look has a nice sheen to it, which makes me refrain from the use of a lipgloss over this lipstick. It doesn't settle into fine lines and lasted on me for around 3 hours with a full meal. It is also very moisturizing. The typical MAC vanilla scent and the trademark matte black case housing the lipstick still don't cease to please me :D


Price: Rs. 990

Rating:4.5/5 Happi :)

Lemme know below what you think of this lipstick :)

Monday, 24 September 2012

MAC Cremesheen Glass Richer Lusher swatch & review

Some things are better, chocolates and men ;) okay that was quite cheesy and not really original :p but there are some things that are better when they are richer, like MAC Cremesheen Glass Richer Lusher ;)

MAC describes Richer Lusher as 'peach coral' while it is more of a pinky coral with very subtle golden shimmer. It's nothing like what it is seen in the bottle.

Filled in transparent plastic container with black top and doe-foot applicator wand, MAC's Cremesheen Glass' are milky, sheer, sheen abundant, less gooey and far less sticky than their lipglass cousins. This is also the reason behind them not lasting as long as the lipglasses. Richer Lusher lasts around 2 hours on its own. It goes on quite smoothly given their creamy texture. Richer Lusher just gives a hint of pinky peach color on the lips but lots of shine. Nothing of the golden shimmer gets transferred on the lips. It is quite moisturizing too.I hardly ever use cremesheen glass on their own since I feel like its melting down my lips in the blasting heat of North India. I always layer them over lipsticks to give a creamy look or just on the cupid's bow to give a plump look to the lips. Like all glosses, they do get transferred on cups/glasses. Somehow my mind is assured that my lipstick is intact even after the gloss is gone :p Cremesheen Glasses also have the trademark MAC Vanilla fragrance but nothing overwhelming .

I love the idea of gloss over lipstick and cremesheen glasses just make it better for me ;)

Price: Rs.1400 for 2.4 ml

Rating: 4/5 happi :)

Saturday, 22 September 2012

Maybelline Mega Plush Volum Express Mascara

Maybelline introduced the Colossal Mascara in India sometime back and it went on to become a huge hit. Especially with college girls or makeup newbies due to its very reasonable price. I was impressed with it too. But my happi bubble burst when my mascara started smelling tacky within 4 months. But by that time I had become addicted to mascaras and especially the colossal effect. Hence started my search for a new mascara with similar effects but at the same time, inexpensive.

Maybelline has a huge array of mascaras abroad and I kept wishing that someone would ask me what I wanted from the US or UK..but unfortunately no one did. No worries, I thought...jiska koi nahi hota, uska eBay hota hai :p [those who have no one, have eBay] So I decided to buy one off eBay. I was sure that I would buy Maybelline but the real question was which one ?? After a lot of thought I decided to go with Maybelline Mega Plush Waterproof Mascara in Intense Black.

Brand claims:

  • Now, mega volume goes mega plush.
  • Our first gel-mousse mascara with 40% less hard waxes for massive volume with a supple touch
  • Extra-soft, patented Flexor Brush caresses lashes
  • Lashes never brittle or flaky
  • Available in washable and waterproof formulas
  • Ophthalmologist tested. 

My experience:

Gel mousse ?? Yeah a softy feeling while appying and doesn't feel heavy after application. The bristles pick up sufficient amount of the product to coat all the lashes in one go. The Flexor Brush is not really helpful. As in nothing different from the normal wands. The lashes don't feel stiff, flaky or heavy. There were no clumps as well. The bristles separate each lash really well and gave them good length. Nothing insane and its waterproof. It wouldn't even budge with a face wash. I had to use a make up remover to get the mascara off. It also didn't make my eye water like my MAC Zoom Lash does :))

Bare lashes

1 coat

2 coats

I am not entirely satisfied with the look of my lashes even after 2 coats. Mainly because I wanted intense lashes which this mascara didn't deliver but I absolutely loooove the color of the bottle so I might just repurchase it when it gets launched in India. This can be a good daily use mascara (something 'I' don't need) so I am still on a lookout for one that will give me lots of volume.

Price : Rs.700

Rating: 3.5 happi :)

Friday, 21 September 2012

Maybelline Eye Studio 24hr Color Tattoo swatches

Woohoo !!! We have the 1st ever guest post on the blog today by my very dear friend Kejal of NailArtandThings. What a happi co-incidence, I was the 1st guest writer on her blog :D Kejal had thee privelige to have her hands on the much coveted Maybelline eye tattoos quite earlier than us garib lot :p Let's see what she has to say about them...

Maybelline eye tattoos were the cause of much envy to girls all over the world except US and UK were they were first introduced. And I being highly envious couldn’t wait to get my hands on them. So yeah I had them called from US. (and now that they are launched here as well and I cant wait to get my hands on other shades). Maybelline has launched 8 shades available in India (US has 10).

These eye tattoos have been compared much to the MAC paint pots at a fraction of the cost of a paint pot. Maybelline claims these are 24 hours but I am not testing them for 24 hours. As long as they stay intact on my eyes when I leave my house for the day and return back at night (even after going to a dinner/party/movie from office,) I am sold !!!! and how!!!

These are like cream-gel based eye shadows. Highly pigmented, non-drying, non-creasing. (You still want more positive attributes even as I say I am sold??!!) Honestly I was never a fan of cream based eye shadows and I am still not except for these pots. The packaging is good, a small jar with thick glass and black screw top.

Color Tattoo is very apt in the multi-tasking department—you can wear them as a liner, alone as shadow, or as a primer for powdered shadows. Doesnt spread, or smudge. No fading either. The texture is super creamy, non dragging on eye lids. You can apply with a brush or finger tips. I usually apply with finger tips and it loosens the product a bit and makes application smoother. You can build up the colour to the intensity you like. They dry fairly quickly, so if you intend to blend them and do fancy need to be a little quick.

I can already see that 1 is hitting the pan :p

Pomegranate Punk: Its a burgundy-red with little shimmer. Goes opaque in one swipe, color can be built up if required. Really nice jewel toned shade if u ask me.

Bold Gold: Medium gold veering towards olive with medium shimmer. Its not opaque on first swipe but add a couple more and its quite opaque. This shade is less smooth than Pomegranate punk. No, you can’t feel the shimmer but it feels like sugar frosting not completely buttery.

Staying power is really good. You’ll need to remove with an oil based make up remover.

Price: Rs350/-

Rating: 4.5/5 happi :)

Would I pick again: Yes. Total paisa vasool ! (I'm eyeing the bronze one).

Thursday, 20 September 2012

All that glitters is Rose Gold

For the uninitiated, Rose Gold is very light, silvery, metallic pink. Today I have two polishes of the same shade to show you lovelies. One of them has foil finish and the other is a glitter :D

 Orly Rage is a part of the Foil FX Collection. It has very high shimmer content which gives the nails the 'foil' look. The formula is great. you need only 2 thin coats for an opaque look. The drying time is somewhat longer. I had to re-do my nails thrice before I could take pics and even then there were several nicks and marks on almost all my nails. Polishes with foil finish, in general are like a microscope for all application mistakes and this one is no different :p If you have rough/uneven/ridged nails, it is advisable to buff your nails before using foil finish nail polishes.

To cover up all tardiness of Orly Rage, I layered it with a stunner from Model's Own called Pink Fizz.
Pink Fizz is a rose gold glitter in clear base. It dries pretty fast and as with all glitters, its a pain to remove this one too. It is a little gritty too, so I think you'll need a thick top coat if you want a smooth feel.

Shown here are 2 coats of Orly Rage, layered with Model's Own Pink Fizz, sealed with a layer of top coat.

See, the grittiness is clearly visible in the pic.

Did you like these polishes ?? Or do you own similar shade in any other brand ?? Lemme know below :)

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Freeman 2-in-1 Exfoliating Blackberry body wash

With the 'The Body Shop' fiasco happening some time back, I totally lost interest in buying my regular body washes fron the TBS sale :( This came as the perfect opportunity to try out some other brands :) So the 1st body wash I picked up (yeah there's not just one ;) ) was Freeman's 2-in-1 Exfoliating Blackberry body wash.

The moment you open the flip-up top of this bottle, you are attacked with heavenly n delicious blackberry fragrance. Nothing that irritates because it's not going to last with you for more then 15 minutes after the bath. But I don't really need it to last more then that. I have got to empty my bottles of perfumed talcs, deos, and perfumes as well you know :p

The texture of this lavender pulp is, as expected grainy, but not too much that it hurts. The granules are fine but good enough to really make your skin feel scrubbed. Using it everyday will be a bit unnecessary, so twice a week will suffice.

The skin after being washed doesn't feel dry. This body wash is said to be made with natural botanical ingredients ( blackberry extracts) and also contains Vitamin A for added benefits !!

This is an amazing budget buy !! And Yayy for cruelty free :D

Repurchase ?? Yes..but I have got 2 of these bottles..they came as a pack of 2 !! So its gonna be months before these get over :p

Price: Rs. 220 for a pack of 2x150 ml.

Rating: 4/5 happi:)

Monday, 17 September 2012

Freeman Chocolate & Strawberry Clay Mask

Chocolates and strawberries are my weaknesses ! And I can't have both at the moment due to the fruit being not in season and the other being the forbidden fruit :p So I decided to indulge myself with this deep pore cleansing, Chocolate and Strawberry Facial Clay mask from Freeman.

It is a light brown clay with a tinge of pink and has a murky, muddy, chocolatey n strawberry fragrance. Hey I am not complaining..just saying :p

It is soft clay that goes on the skin smoothly and dries within 15 minutes. The strawberry extract is said to tone the skin and diminish the appearance of pores. This objective is somewhat achieved. The results may be better if the product is used regularly. It contains shea and cocoa butter which don't leave the skin dry after washing it off, which is a common problem with using fuller's earth. So basically all skin types can benefit from this clay pack.

The tube says that this product has not been tested on animals !! Yayy for cruelty free products :D I am trying to stop being lazy and make it a point to use this pack atleast twice a week !! At the given price, its a good buy !!

Price: Rs.220/ 150ml

Rating: 4/5 happi :)

Has anyone used this or other Freeman products ?? Lemme know below :)

Sunday, 16 September 2012

Loreal Color Riche nail polish in So Chic Pink swatch & review

Loreal recently launched a new range of nail polishes called Color Riche. I read a few reviews on other blogs and couldn't resist buying one for myself :p

The color I have is called So Chic Pink. But its not a proper pink. Looks like a bright coral with a dash of pink, almost like a pinky red. Nevertheless it is quite chic and for someone that doesn't like nail polish in any shade of red, I think I'll wear this again :)

The bottle is really small but the brush inside is great. It is a little rounded at the tip so its easier to get a good shape at the base of the nail with the brush. The formula is really good, not too thin or too thick. Goes on well without streaking, and gives a glossy finish. To get a completely opaque look, 3 coats are need. Shown here are only 2 coats hence the VNL. Wore great for 6 days without a base or top coat. The price of this small bottle is something that will make you think twice before buying :(

Price: Rs. 225/ 5 ml

Rating: 3.5/5 happi :)

There are some more amazing colors in this range that I'll buy some other time...lemme know below which ones you own :)

Thursday, 13 September 2012

Garnier Pure Active Neem face wash review

People who suffer from acne are forever on a lookout for skin care products which will help them cure/reduce the horrendous pimples. On such a look out, I grabbed this tube of Garnier Skin Naturals' Pure Active Neem face wash.

The Garnier Skin Naturals' Pure Active Neem face wash comes in a tube and is a transparent slimy green gel. It contains neem and tea tree extracts since it is specifically meant for pimple prone skin and these ingredients have healing and soothing properties. Additionally it also contains salicylic acid and sodium benzoate which are the most effective and common ingredients of anything related to acne curing !! There's also menthol which gives a slight cooling and tingling sensation. The face wash is meant to fight bacteria and pollution and also remove excess oil from the face.

Garnier Neem face wash gives a squeaky clean feeling without making the skin dry or stretchy. Only a pea sized amount is enough to give sufficient foam. I don't 'feel' the need to use moisturiser after washing my face with it. I noticed my face was less oily compared to the usage of my regular face wash, even after 5 hours !! I am a fan forever :D though not much of curing the acne but I can feel that its not erupting as much as it used too !! Double fan :D :D Oh and it also has this typical 'Garnier' fragrance which is sorta citrusy, with a hint of neem and tea tree !!

My experience with this face wash has been very satisfying, which hardly ever happens. Sometimes, I use a face wash only for 2-3 days and it is then dumped on my poor mother in law :p This time however I can see myself, not just finishing, but also repurchasing this particular face wash.

The only con of this product is that it comes in a tube while I prefer bottles...but that doesn't make much of a difference.

Price : Rs. 75 for 100 gm.

Rating: 4.5/5 happi :)

All you lovelies with oily skin, what face wash do you use ?? lemme know below :)

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Maybelline Eye Studio 24hr Color Tattoo in India !!

Yes you read that right...I just came back from a small shop which has a Maybelline counter. The SA gave me the awesome news that highly coveted Maybelline Eye Studio 24hr Color Tattoos are being brought to India pretty soon. ( 'by next week' in her words). These are creamy eye shadows with super soft texture which set to a smooth and a lasting finish. India will be getting 8 shades out of the 9 which are available outside India.

I managed to click 2 not-so-good pics in the shop :p

L-R: Bold Gold, Fierce & Tangy, Tenacious Teal, Edgy Emerald.

L-R : Painted purple, Bad to the Bronze, Audacious Asphalt, Pomegranate Punk.

The only shade that isn't being brought to us is Tough as Taupe, and I have noo idea why the brand thinks that we don't need a neutral eye shadow !!

These will be available at an amazing price of Rs. 350.

I plan on buying a couple of these..which ones are you eying ??

Thursday, 6 September 2012

MAC Spirit review & swatch

Today's post is a tribute to my 1st ever MAC lipstick called 'Spirit' :D I love it to the T. If I ever have to pick just 1 MAC lipstick for life, its going to be this :D

Coming in the trademark matte black bullet shaped case, MAC Spirit is a muted pinky beige brown and a member of the Satin family and thankfully from the permanent range. Satin textured lipsticks from MAC are said to be the best among the various textures.

Skin swatch

They are highly pigmented and long lasting. Spirit lives upto the properties of its family, going opaque in a single swipe even on my slightly pigmented lips. Lasting power is wonderful, almost 4 hours with slight color after a good meal. There are a few downs too. Accentuation of fine lines and dead skin were the main problems I faced when I first used Spirit, but this was taken care of by the MAC Lip Prep+Prime. It also feels slightly dry on my lips.

Without Prep+Prime

It is also quite flat looking on its own so I use a beige nude lipgloss from B & D Professional range in # 30, only on the cupid's bow. Pssst...this gloss is a bang on dupe of MAC Lust lipglass :p

With lipgloss

This is the perfect nude for my NC 41 skin tone and goes amazingly well with heavy smokey eyes and almost every type of outfits. Lovelies with darker skin tones, this may wash you out !!


The Happies:

Awesome pigmentation
Great lasting power

The Saddies:

Accentuates fine lines.
Not suitable for darker skintones.

Price: Rs.990

Rating : 5/5 happi :)

Is this the perfect nude for you too ? Lemme know below :)

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Layla Hologram Effect NOTD, swatch & review

Hi lovelies, what would be better than a spectacular holographic nail polish to kick start a new blog. Let me present to you Coral Glam, an amazing holographic nail polish by an Italian brand called 'Layla', I could lay my hands on this beauty only coz of the wonderful nail blogger Melissa..Check out her blog here ladies, and your mind will be blown away with the designs she comes up with.

Coral Glam by Layla Cosmetics, Milano is an awesome coral nude which lightens up the dark skin around my cuticles despite the light shade. Its looks like I have a hundred rainbows dancing on my digits :D

Now Layla suggests you to file and buff your nails with their special nail buffer since you don't need a base coat for their holo polishes. Buffing nails makes the polish look more holo-ey. But I didn't buy it and used the one from Oriflame instead but I was amazed at the difference the use of buffer makes.

 The formula of the polish is very sheer. I had to use 3 coats of the polish but still wasn't satisfied since there was slight VNL(visible nail line) even after that. It also gives a few bald spots here and there but never mind :p It dries quite smooth but a somewhat shine less finish. Nothing to worry, a coat or two of your favorite top coat will take care of it. The best thing about the Layla Holographic polish is that it dries in record time !! I was surprised to see that the polish on my nails had dried within 10 seconds. Even the 2nd coat didn't take any longer then that to dry !! How awesome :D Layla polishes are crulety and big 3 free. The only downs to this polish are availability and the price. It costs a bomb but then holo polishes are always costlier then the normal ones. So a girl's gotta do what she's gotta do..err I mean a girl's gotta buy what she's gotta buy :p

Price: 15.50 $ for 10 ml from here

Summing up:

The happies:
Beautiful holo strength
Amazing drying time
Cruelty and big 3 free

The saddies:
The price
Leaves bald spots

Rating 3.5/5 happi :)

What do you think of this dance of rainbows on the nails ?? Lemme know :)

Sunday, 2 September 2012

New beginnings

Hello lovely people, who have taken some time out to read yet another new 'beauty blog'. I can't thank you enough !!

I have been reading a few blogs since 2 years and suddenly I felt it was time to start my own.

Now the question arises 'do we even need another blog which will probably showcase a lot of cosmetic products and show off branded stuff ?' When there are a ton of them already and real good ones. Err I would say YES !! Because all the awareness I have after 2 years of seriously getting addicted to beauty products and the things I use, is purely due to the various blog articles that I have read, Indian and international !!

So I am hoping that my posts on this blog help at least a few girls to make the right choice while shopping.

So stay tuned to some interesting posts through which I will try and make you readers a lil happi :)

Ahh and don't forget that your thoughts on the posts will make me super happi :D Criticism is also welcome...yeah I'm very nice that way :p