Thursday, 20 September 2012

All that glitters is Rose Gold

For the uninitiated, Rose Gold is very light, silvery, metallic pink. Today I have two polishes of the same shade to show you lovelies. One of them has foil finish and the other is a glitter :D

 Orly Rage is a part of the Foil FX Collection. It has very high shimmer content which gives the nails the 'foil' look. The formula is great. you need only 2 thin coats for an opaque look. The drying time is somewhat longer. I had to re-do my nails thrice before I could take pics and even then there were several nicks and marks on almost all my nails. Polishes with foil finish, in general are like a microscope for all application mistakes and this one is no different :p If you have rough/uneven/ridged nails, it is advisable to buff your nails before using foil finish nail polishes.

To cover up all tardiness of Orly Rage, I layered it with a stunner from Model's Own called Pink Fizz.
Pink Fizz is a rose gold glitter in clear base. It dries pretty fast and as with all glitters, its a pain to remove this one too. It is a little gritty too, so I think you'll need a thick top coat if you want a smooth feel.

Shown here are 2 coats of Orly Rage, layered with Model's Own Pink Fizz, sealed with a layer of top coat.

See, the grittiness is clearly visible in the pic.

Did you like these polishes ?? Or do you own similar shade in any other brand ?? Lemme know below :)