Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Layla Hologram Effect NOTD, swatch & review

Hi lovelies, what would be better than a spectacular holographic nail polish to kick start a new blog. Let me present to you Coral Glam, an amazing holographic nail polish by an Italian brand called 'Layla', I could lay my hands on this beauty only coz of the wonderful nail blogger Melissa..Check out her blog here ladies, and your mind will be blown away with the designs she comes up with.

Coral Glam by Layla Cosmetics, Milano is an awesome coral nude which lightens up the dark skin around my cuticles despite the light shade. Its looks like I have a hundred rainbows dancing on my digits :D

Now Layla suggests you to file and buff your nails with their special nail buffer since you don't need a base coat for their holo polishes. Buffing nails makes the polish look more holo-ey. But I didn't buy it and used the one from Oriflame instead but I was amazed at the difference the use of buffer makes.

 The formula of the polish is very sheer. I had to use 3 coats of the polish but still wasn't satisfied since there was slight VNL(visible nail line) even after that. It also gives a few bald spots here and there but never mind :p It dries quite smooth but a somewhat shine less finish. Nothing to worry, a coat or two of your favorite top coat will take care of it. The best thing about the Layla Holographic polish is that it dries in record time !! I was surprised to see that the polish on my nails had dried within 10 seconds. Even the 2nd coat didn't take any longer then that to dry !! How awesome :D Layla polishes are crulety and big 3 free. The only downs to this polish are availability and the price. It costs a bomb but then holo polishes are always costlier then the normal ones. So a girl's gotta do what she's gotta do..err I mean a girl's gotta buy what she's gotta buy :p

Price: 15.50 $ for 10 ml from here

Summing up:

The happies:
Beautiful holo strength
Amazing drying time
Cruelty and big 3 free

The saddies:
The price
Leaves bald spots

Rating 3.5/5 happi :)

What do you think of this dance of rainbows on the nails ?? Lemme know :)


  1. Really good and detailed review. That colour is gorgeous! I want! I didn't realise Layla was
    Italian...I may have to ask my Italian friend to hunt it down :-)

  2. Layla have amazing holo collection.. i am eyeing on mermaid spell :)

  3. hey dhara..nice to know that u hav a blog..am ur new follower..pls do visit mine n support

  4. Hey Pree tahnks for stopping by and following :D I'll surely visit your blog :)