Sunday, 16 September 2012

Loreal Color Riche nail polish in So Chic Pink swatch & review

Loreal recently launched a new range of nail polishes called Color Riche. I read a few reviews on other blogs and couldn't resist buying one for myself :p

The color I have is called So Chic Pink. But its not a proper pink. Looks like a bright coral with a dash of pink, almost like a pinky red. Nevertheless it is quite chic and for someone that doesn't like nail polish in any shade of red, I think I'll wear this again :)

The bottle is really small but the brush inside is great. It is a little rounded at the tip so its easier to get a good shape at the base of the nail with the brush. The formula is really good, not too thin or too thick. Goes on well without streaking, and gives a glossy finish. To get a completely opaque look, 3 coats are need. Shown here are only 2 coats hence the VNL. Wore great for 6 days without a base or top coat. The price of this small bottle is something that will make you think twice before buying :(

Price: Rs. 225/ 5 ml

Rating: 3.5/5 happi :)

There are some more amazing colors in this range that I'll buy some other time...lemme know below which ones you own :)


  1. hey dhara..i loved ur clicks..i hav wildpurple in this range..i like the brush too..:)

  2. Thanks Preetha :) I think the brush is the main highlight of this range..I NEED other shades :p

  3. nice shade.. wish it were more opaque at this price