Friday, 21 September 2012

Maybelline Eye Studio 24hr Color Tattoo swatches

Woohoo !!! We have the 1st ever guest post on the blog today by my very dear friend Kejal of NailArtandThings. What a happi co-incidence, I was the 1st guest writer on her blog :D Kejal had thee privelige to have her hands on the much coveted Maybelline eye tattoos quite earlier than us garib lot :p Let's see what she has to say about them...

Maybelline eye tattoos were the cause of much envy to girls all over the world except US and UK were they were first introduced. And I being highly envious couldn’t wait to get my hands on them. So yeah I had them called from US. (and now that they are launched here as well and I cant wait to get my hands on other shades). Maybelline has launched 8 shades available in India (US has 10).

These eye tattoos have been compared much to the MAC paint pots at a fraction of the cost of a paint pot. Maybelline claims these are 24 hours but I am not testing them for 24 hours. As long as they stay intact on my eyes when I leave my house for the day and return back at night (even after going to a dinner/party/movie from office,) I am sold !!!! and how!!!

These are like cream-gel based eye shadows. Highly pigmented, non-drying, non-creasing. (You still want more positive attributes even as I say I am sold??!!) Honestly I was never a fan of cream based eye shadows and I am still not except for these pots. The packaging is good, a small jar with thick glass and black screw top.

Color Tattoo is very apt in the multi-tasking department—you can wear them as a liner, alone as shadow, or as a primer for powdered shadows. Doesnt spread, or smudge. No fading either. The texture is super creamy, non dragging on eye lids. You can apply with a brush or finger tips. I usually apply with finger tips and it loosens the product a bit and makes application smoother. You can build up the colour to the intensity you like. They dry fairly quickly, so if you intend to blend them and do fancy need to be a little quick.

I can already see that 1 is hitting the pan :p

Pomegranate Punk: Its a burgundy-red with little shimmer. Goes opaque in one swipe, color can be built up if required. Really nice jewel toned shade if u ask me.

Bold Gold: Medium gold veering towards olive with medium shimmer. Its not opaque on first swipe but add a couple more and its quite opaque. This shade is less smooth than Pomegranate punk. No, you can’t feel the shimmer but it feels like sugar frosting not completely buttery.

Staying power is really good. You’ll need to remove with an oil based make up remover.

Price: Rs350/-

Rating: 4.5/5 happi :)

Would I pick again: Yes. Total paisa vasool ! (I'm eyeing the bronze one).