Sunday, 2 September 2012

New beginnings

Hello lovely people, who have taken some time out to read yet another new 'beauty blog'. I can't thank you enough !!

I have been reading a few blogs since 2 years and suddenly I felt it was time to start my own.

Now the question arises 'do we even need another blog which will probably showcase a lot of cosmetic products and show off branded stuff ?' When there are a ton of them already and real good ones. Err I would say YES !! Because all the awareness I have after 2 years of seriously getting addicted to beauty products and the things I use, is purely due to the various blog articles that I have read, Indian and international !!

So I am hoping that my posts on this blog help at least a few girls to make the right choice while shopping.

So stay tuned to some interesting posts through which I will try and make you readers a lil happi :)

Ahh and don't forget that your thoughts on the posts will make me super happi :D Criticism is also welcome...yeah I'm very nice that way :p