Thursday, 4 October 2012

10 Green Eye Liners Swatches

I love love love wearing colored liners albeit mostly on the lower lash line. And out of them all those 2687037256 colored eye pencils available, greens catch my eye the most. That has led to me owning 9 green eye pencils and 1(thankfully) green gel liner. So let me present all these greeny lovelies to you for your reference...

MAC Minted : Part of the Eye Kohl range, Minted is a vibrant mint green with pearl. My go-to green for waterline lining. Comes in a wooden pencil. Price:  Rs.1000

MAC Tealo :  This powerpoint eye pencil is a darkened green based teal. Intense pigmentation, smooth application and smudge proof, this green went well with almost all the outfits. Unfortunately this has been discontinued but you could try your luck for a few sticks left in the stock. Comes in a wooden pencil. Price: Rs. 1000

MAC Tarnish : MAC Tarnish is a blackened forest green and is a part of the permanent Eye Kohl range. Super creamy to apply and very versatile color. Comes in a wooden pencil. Price: Rs. 1000

MAC Undercurrent : This MAC pearlglide intense eyeliner was out with various collections but has now been made permanent. It has been described as teal with pearl but due to the undertones of my skin, comes out as a green with golden pearl. Comes in a wooden pencil. Price: Rs. 1000

Colorbar Jaded : Colorbar I-Glide in Jaded is a beautiful deep emerald green with sheen. Very long lasting and smudge proof. Must-have. Needs to be sharpened. Price: Rs. 375

Bourjois  Noir `emeraude : Bourjois Effet Duochrome eyeliner in Noir `emeraude is blackened dark green. The green-ness is only visible with several swipes. Creamy texture and good lasting time. needs sharpening. Price: Rs. 330

Bourjois Vert Dore : Bourjois Effet Duochrome eyeliner in Vert Dore is a cool lime green with a yellow sheen. This actually shows the 'duochrome'. Smooth application and good lasting time. Needs sharpening. Price: Rs.330

Minted, Tealo, Tarnish, Undercurrent, Jaded,  Noi Emeraude, Vert Dore, Olive, Gypsy Green
Ivy (on top)

Maybelline Olive : Maybelline Vivid & Smooth Liner by Eyestudio in Olive is a semi sheer olive green with golden sheen. Not enough pigmented and smudges alot. Price: Rs. 235.

Lakme Gypsy Green : Lakme Nine to Five Forever Silk eyeliner in Gypsy Green is a deep olive green with sheen. Comes in a non retractable pencil. It is smooth to apply and smudge proof. Price: Rs. 395.

MAC Ivy : Released in the Mickey Contractor collection, MAC Fluidline in Ivy is a jewel toned emerald green gel eye liner. Not as pigmented as MAC Fluidlines normally are, color can be built in 2 swipes. Its is long staying, and smudge proof once it sets. Price: Rs.1000

Minted, Tealo, Tarnish, Undercurrent, Jaded,  Noi Emeraude, Vert Dore, Olive, Gypsy Green, Ivy

My favorite(s) amongst all these are Minted, Tealo, Tarnish and Jaded. I hope you can find at least 1 green liner that you like :)