Thursday, 11 October 2012

Deborah Milano Nail Polish #837 swatch & review

It is really heartbreaking when you fall in love at 1st sight with something and it turns out a to be a b***h !! Though its not an uncommon thing to happen with beauty addicts, it hurts every damn time.

The heartbreaker in question is a beautiful parrot green nail polish Deborah Milano 7 Days Long  #837' It is from a range called Water Ice ColorDeborah, why you no give cute names to polishes ??

This sheer green polish is a jellyyy YAY with golden-green tiny flake glitter (not flakies). The formula is a bit on the thicker side but nothing that cannot be worked with. Applies smoothly and doesn't feel gritty at all. It stayed intact for 3 days after which it was removed. The drying time increases with the number of coats. I smudged two nails while waiting for the polish to dry :/

Now you ask how did this polish become 'the heartbreaker' ? It STAINS :( I tried this at the store on one nail and bought it. When I removed it after coming home, I was shocked to see that my nail has green stains !! I thought maybe the base coat would stop the stains but I was wrong. The green penetrated through the base coat AND one coat of fevicol. Though the intensity was not as much as on the naked nail. Totally broke my heart.

Now it would be totally unfair after my polish haul, if I didn't slap some glitter over this. So I put on Kleancolor Green with Envy.

Will I repurchase use it again ?? Yes I will since its a lovely color, but only to remove it as soon as my purpose of a green polish is met ! Or maybe just give it away :(

Price: Rs. 230/11 ml
Rating: 3/5 happi :)

Has anyone else experienced the staining problem with Deborah ?? Lemme know below :)