Thursday, 25 October 2012

MAC blush Peachykeen swatch & review

I am pretty sure that all of you girls must have bought some things (could be anything) which have a back story. And it is these stories that be with you as long as you use that product ( or whatever the thing was).

When anybody is working out and happen to be in front of the mirror, what does that person see ?? A guy will keep checking his abs and biceps and a girl will keep checking whether she managed to reduce her waist !! And what did I see ? Not my waist or the swell of my biceps...I saw my flushed cheeks and couldn't take my eyes off :p I knew I had to get a blush which would give me the same flush even while I wasn't working out. A run to the MAC store and just 2 minutes of discussion  I had in my hand my favorite blush MAC Peachykeen :D

MAC describes Peachykeen as a very baby peach but I beg to differ. It is a lovely peachy pink with fine golden shimmer. It is from the sheertone shimmer family, so you have total control over the look of the blush.

On light application, this comes up as a beautiful sheer natural blush. You can build the color to that in the pan by adding some more.

The golden shimmer doesn't really show up but you can't ignore its presence too. Its the reason your cheeks will glow when you have Peachykeen on them ;) 

The stay with MAC blushes is awesome. A good 5 hours on my oily skin is definitely awesome. It starts to fade then but I use only so much that it looks blushing-without-blush. If I go heavy on the application, the staying time is bound to increase.

Peachykeen is easy to apply and blend without much hassles. The shimmer is not felt on the skin and doesn't travel to places unintended.

People with open pores normally tend to shy away from blushes that have shimmer in them because shimmer can actually highlight the open pores making the face look ugly. But Peachykeen didn't dare do something like that to its users.

Price: Rs.1350/6 gm
Rating:5/5 happi :)

There is no reason for me to not like in love with it...are you ?? Lemme know below :)


  1. this goes to my lust list!
    my only concern,Dear MAC y u no cheap ? :(

  2. I always wonder about how a blush should be used.
    Never bought one.. coz i didnt know how to apply it.. and you look beautiful with it..:)

    1. I am surprised that you don't have a blush...girl you could totally skip eye make up for a flush on your cheeks....

      Thank u :)

    2. I never knew how to use this :(

    3. Awww :( There are some really good blog posts/tutorials on how to apply a blush...once you get the hand of it, you will be addicted to blush :D

      Or mayyyyy be I should come up with a really easy tutorial :s

  3. aawwww it looks so pretty on you! i want it too! u r one MAC queen!

    1. Thankuuu :D only if MAC thot so too....

  4. I cant help but have a huge smile on my face when I read your stories and this one really takes the biscuit! Instead of checking our the guys or your figure, you notice the radiant flush of your cheeks, you are the ultimate makeup addict and I love it! lol