Saturday, 13 October 2012

MAC lipstick Mehr swatch & review

With the purchase of this lipstick, I have officially turned into a makeup hoarder. Why you ask. Because this is the 3rd lipstick I bought from the same collection (unusual of me) . The others, Double Shot and Yash have already been reviewed.

Named after legendary makeup artist Mickey Contractor's wife, Mehr made its debut in 2011, with the Mickey Contractor Collection. This was an instant blockbuster and many pretties had to go away without it. As a answer to their prayers, this lipstick has been made permanent since all MAC senior artists highly recommend Mehr for Indian beauties.

MAC describes Mehr as a subtly blue-toned medium pink. Nothing to worry when I say blue toned. Its not that ghastly looking barbie doll pink. It is the kind of pink that will work on every one. I have a strong dislike towards pink lipsticks but Mehr is something I am very comfortable wearing. It has a matte finish but is still creamy. Expect a hassle free application. Not really moisturizing but it sure doesn't dry the lips out. Fine lines and dead skin on the lips can be happy with their visibility due to the matte finish of the lipstick. But that also means longer lasting power. Mehr lasted great at 4.5 hrs. Can't ask for more.

Makeup artists in the store recommend layering Mehr over MAC Plum or Soar lip pencils with a touch of Ample Pink Plushglass. I can see Mehr become my go-to pink lipstick since we have quite a few options to tweak the color a bit here and there as per our liking.

How would you like to wear Mehr, on it own or layered over a lip pencil ? Lemme know below :)

Price. Rs.990
Rating. 5/5 happi :)