Friday, 5 October 2012

MAC lipstick Yash swatch & review

MAC released the Indian Lipsticks collection with two re-promotes and two new shades. I have already reviewed Double Shot earlier.

Let's rewind our MAC life to the year 2011, the period of the Mickey Contractor Collection. It was an honor for us to have an entire collection in the name of the man who gave India, MAC. Mr.Mickey Contractor is a hot favorite among Bollywood actresses. Without doubt, Bollywood would influence his collection. So in honor of Late Mr.Yash Johar, Mickey gave us the deep neutral lipstick 'Yash'. MAC decided to relaunch this shade along with Mehr and make it permanent..YAYY

MAC Yash is a matte textured neutral lipstick, made to suit Indian skin tones. So I had to get it, or my love for neutral lipsticks would have been questioned by my MAC part of conscience. But this didn't really turn out to be the color for me. It washed me out real bad. The mua had earlier warned me that this color may not work for me but I was adamant on hoarding buying this lipstick. She adviced me to use it with a lip pencil like Soar, Hover or Plum. Basically I am a very lazy person, so I knew it's not going to be possible for me to use lip pencils everytime. I just nodded and walked out of the store, my head heavy with the exhilaration of owning Yash.

Since I had shown a bit of over confidence by not trying it out at the store, I didn't give up and funnily, it looked a bit better after a few minutes. No, the liptick didn't change color or get oxidized (duh), I just got used to seeing it on me.

Unlike our mental image of a matte lipstick, Yash didn't dry my lips out. It has a very creamy texture and is amazingly smooth to apply, going opaque in a single swipe. It does like a little chalky on the lips but it doesn't feel so. The look can easily be corrected with a layer of clear lip gloss on top.

As any other mattes, Yash is not very considerate on our fine lines and dead skin. It wants to accentuate each one of them. Scrubbed lips is the way to go..It lasted around 3.5 hrs on me with a meal and was totally gone by 4.5 hrs. The vanilla scent and the black case remain as always :)

Dark beauties, above MAC NC 42, run away at the sight of this lipstick.

Price: Rs.990
Rating: 4/5 happi :)

What do you think girls, about Yash :p lol