Monday, 29 October 2012

Monday Mani : ' Sparkle & Skull '

Black and silver is a classic combination for pretty much anything. Add some sparkle and its becomes sexy. Add some skulls and it becomes funky. Finally add some studs and you have a classic, sexy and funky combo. Translate all this into nail art and let your nails become the center of attraction ;)


I did this relatively simple nail art because I wanted to use the silver metal studs that I had since a few months. These metal studs are not at all irritating or tangling in the hair. A nice change to the plastic rhinestones :)

I started off with a black base and did a silver gradient on the thumb and the pinkie finger. The index and ring fingers were supposed to have a reverse gradient but somehow it became a disoriented half moon :p I added a holo silver glitter layering polish on the silver gradient to add some rainbow shine. The middle finger was accented with round silver metal studs making a vertical line in the middle of the nail. I placed a stud on the thumb and the pinkie too since it looked quite boring otherwise. And finally stamped the skulls on the index and ring fingers using OB5 Plate.

Lemme know below what you think of this mani :)