Thursday, 18 October 2012

The Body Shop Strawberry Body Mist Review

There must be really no one who doesn't like the sweet and yummy strawberry fragrance. Its the most common flavor for lip balms. If you thought strawberry shower gels and body butters from The Body Shop left you smelling yummy enough, its time to make yourself smell yummier :p The latest addition to the strawberry-ed products, Strawberry Body Mist, will make sure you do.


Brand claims:

Our Strawberry takes on a fresh new form. Spray this light scented body mist all over your body for a gentle burst of sweet fruitiness. It’s irresistible.

Sweet strawberry fragrance
Light and fresh
Use all over body
Contains strawberry extract

Spritz it on after bathing or showering. Top up throughout the day.

My thoughts:
I can't agree more on the sweet fruity fragrance. This mist was a natural choice for me, not only because I love strawberries as a fruit. Yeah, when people around me are sneezing and covering themselves with gloves and mufflers, I am making yummy strawberry milkshakes and smoothies for myself :p 

There is no artificial strawberry 'smell' irritating your nostrils among any of the strawberry-ed TBS products. It smells as real as a ripe red strawberry. Must be the 'strawberry extract' that the brand claims to have used.
The basic difference between a body mist and EDT/PDT is that the former is water based and the latter are alcohol based. This also means that the yummy frag isn't going to last long, the very reason I don't bother about body mists !! But boy was I surprised to see that even after 4 hours I was mildly smelling of strawberries :D 

The mist gets sprayed in an even spritz and doesn't drip down my skin like some of the other mists that I have tried. 

I think this body mist will be my best friend this winter but I am not too hopeful about it working on me in summer since I tend to sweat a lot. And I don't think I would want to carry this bottle with me everywhere since it is made off glass :( I am sure to drop it somewhere since I can be really clumsy sometimes (most of the times) :p

Price: Rs 645/100 ml
Rating: 4/5 happi :)

Now that I am happi with the Strawberry Body Mist, I am surely trying out other fragrances. Has anyone of you tried this or the other ones ? Which one did you like the best ? Lemme know below :)


  1. Super! I am broke already. Have to keep this for another time ;) But it will be Satsuma for me :D

    1. My mind somehow has decided that Satsuma is for summers and Strawberries for winters...This summer I used the Satsuma body polish and currently it Strawberry :p weirdo i m ;)

  2. You made it sound so nice, I'm surely getting this Dhara :)