Thursday, 29 November 2012

Lakme Lip Love lipstick in 'Love Haze' swatch & review

The Lakme Lip Love range was launched quite sometime ago, so its not really new but I am showing this lipstick here only because its one of my favorites.

I am a sucker for funky cosmetic product packing. The shiny red lipstick case of this lipstick from the Lakme Lip Love range was literally calling out to when these lovelies were launched and I had to get one. My obvious choice was a neutral color and Love Haze was the only such shade from the range.

How can anyone not fall in love with this shiny case ?? It clearly was love at  first sight :) The is the 'o' as in 'LOVE' which is inscribed on the case cover.


Shiny all the way :D I love how the cover snaps shut and stays put making it very travel friendly. You won't need to worry about loose caps falling out in your handbag.

There's a 'LOVE' inscription on the lipstick bullet too. 

Coming to more important aspects, Love Haze is a brown leaning a bit towards pink. I can say that this is the perfect MLBB shade for me. It is warm enough to not wash me out and soft enough to look girly. Acc. to me it would be a perfect lipstick to wear to work.

The pigmentation is so awesome that I don't need a primer or a lip eraser underneath this one. It totally covers the pigmentation of my lips and gives an even color. The creamy texture is very moisturizing too. And it also has an added benefit of SPF 16.

The cons of this lipstick is that it wears good only for 2 hours and is easily transferred to other surfaces. Sadly these are the most important things in a lipstick.

But this still remains my favorite lipstick and I put half the blame on that shiny red and the Love inscription ;)


Rating: 3.75/5 happi :)

Do you own any other shades from this range ? Lemme know below :)

Monday, 26 November 2012

Maybelline Colorama Roxo Metalico swatch + Monday Mani ' Stud'em '

Hello is a polish that I tried to stay away from since some time, but at last give into the temptation of a shimmer and shine. I don't know when I put it in my cart with the other things but I am glad I did.

This shiny and shimmery purple from Maybelline Coloranma is called Roxo Metalico. The shimmer is Blue-purple (blurple) hence the slight blue hue. Thiis is the beauty of this polish. I will go on and call this sexy ;)

All Colorama polishes ( or at least the ones I have) are streaky, leaving patches. And they level out with the consecutive coats. Rexo needed 2 coats to go opaque. It dries reasonably well. The polish stayed on for 5 days with minimal tip wear after using a top coat. The brush is quite nice too. All in all, Roxo Metalica is totally worth its price.

Since plain nail polish is a sin (on THT that is) I used gold striping tape bought from a blog sale and gold studs bought from Born Pretty Store to accent my middle and ring fingers.

Price: Rs.100/8 ml ( Still available for Rs.85 on some e-tailing sites)

Rating: 4.5/5 happi :)

How many of you own this polish ??  Lemme know below :)

Thursday, 22 November 2012

November Velvette Box

Hey guys,
    My November Velvette Box is here, surprisingly I didn't have to wait and torture myself with seeing other's boxes and wait for mine to arrive lol.

By now, all of you know how it looks and all. In short, its a sturdy black cardboard box containing 3-4 samples of luxury products with a personal note telling us what all is there in the box for us. This is the 2nd installment of my 3 month subscription.

Along with the products, there are discount coupons to buuy the full size products from the company's website. The coupons do have an expiry date.

Here's sample no.1...

Shiseido White Lucent Brightening Protective Emulsion with SPF 15 in a 15 ml travel size bottle. In simple words, it's a moisturiser :p It retails for Rs.3,250 for 75 ml.

Sample no.2 is NYX Ultra Pearl Mania loose eye shadow in Fanta. This one is full size. and retails for Rs.300 for 5 ml

Last sample is the Caudalie Cleansing Water for all skin types and sensitive eyes. The bottle provided contains 30 ml of product and retails for Rs. 825 for 100 ml.

I am most excited about the Shiseido moisturiser since it's the perfect time to try out a new moisturiser without the fear of breaking out since it has already gotten a bit cold over here. Caudalie thing seems interesting too and if at all I happen to like it, it's not too expensive. At least not more than what I am using right now :p

Why is NYX included, I have no idea since these box things are meant for luxury brands, no ? Anyways, with 2 good products, I have no complains.

I didn't have to pay for shipping since I had opted for 3 month subscription and each box costs me an approx of Rs.400 which is not too bad for getting travel size bottles of Clarins, Shiseido, Clinique and the likes.

What did you all get in your boxes...lemme know below :)  

MAC lipstick Shanghai Spice swatch & review

The other day when I was talking to Kiran of mycherrylane, I told her I bought MAC Shanghai Spice and she was pretty surprised. Said the name sounded like it would be a bold hot color, perhaps red and I laughed out loud. How misleading the names can be and in case of MAC Shanghai spice from the new Cremesheen + Pearl Collection, the description by MAC is misleading too.

MAC Shanghai Spice is a frosted neutral pink or so the brand says. On me, it is a beautiful shiny, pale peach, leaning a bit towards pink.

The texture is cremesheen and not frost. All the lipsticks and lipglosses from this collection have some fine shimmer, giving it the frosty look. The shimmer content is not high hence not too obvious. Just enough to give the lips a fine shine :)

Cremesheens are moisturising on the lips and last for about 3 hours. The shimmer from the lipstick doesn't settle into fine lines or travel all over the face. The packing is not different from the normal range lipsticks and the trademark vanilla frag remains.

Price: Rs. 990/ 3 gm

Rating: 4/5 happi :)

Did you girls check out the Cremesheen + Pearl collection ?? What did you'll buy ?? Lemme know below :)

Monday, 19 November 2012

Cover Band Sticks' N Stones swatch& review + Monday Mani 'Its Black or White'

The majority of my world is black and white !! These two colors would be my choices for almost everything at any given time. And its not something that I am very proud of. Thank god I haven't fallen for a black lipstick ( yes people, MAC has one :p).

If there is anything that justifies the beauty of the b/w combo, it's this lovely nail polish from Cover Band called Sticks'n Stones. It's actually a glitter top coat packed with matte black squares in two sizes, matte b/w bar glitter, matte b/w hex glitter in three sizes and also a dash of fine silver holo glitter.

There is soo much of glitter in the bottle that you are sure to get a little of everything on each nail. Ofcourse there is a unique pattern on each nail but that's the beauty of mixed glitter top coats, right ? The polish dries at reasonable speed for a glitter top coat. Inspite of having a ton of glitter, the polish is not thick, just good enough to spread the glitter evenly.

SnS without base color

The versatility of the colors of the glitter make it an excellent top coat for most bright colors. I have used it over 2 coats of Jordana nail polish in Pink Flare, a happi pink creme


The unavailability of it in India becomes a very strong con. It can only be ordered online at NinjaPolish and it requires paypal :(

Price: $9 +shipping / 15 ml

Rating: 4/5 happi :) (1 :) deducted solely for unavailability)

What do you think about black and white glitters ?? Lemme know below :)

Thursday, 15 November 2012

Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain in 'Honey' swatch &review

Wish you all a very Happi Belated Diwali and a Prosperous New Year :D  Here, kuch meetha ho jaye...

Made by moi :p

A few days back I received a (big) bunch of gifts from a very very dear friend Kiran of mycherrylane from U.K. She sent me so many beautiful things that it was difficult for me to decide what to use 1st and what to review 1st. Lol

I zeroed in on this super cute pink crayon thingy from Revlon.

Its the Revlon Just Bitten Kissable lip stain in shade 001 Honey Douce. I was sooo happi when I unwrapped it since I didn't have the slightest hint that I would be owning this cute chub :D

What Revlon says:

It’s a pampering balm fused with a lightweight lipstain in an adorable chubby crayon. Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain gives softer, smoother lips with a perfect flush of color that lasts hour after hour. The gel formula comes in 12 vibrant shades that match any look or mood.

-Lightweight Lipstain + Moisturizing Balm
-100% of women who tried it felt their lips were instantly moisturized with a soft stain of color
-Retractable chubby crayon, no sharpener required


Step 1: Apply Just Bitten Kissable™ Balm Stain evenly to clean, bare lips. Build color and coverage as desired.

Step 2: Reapply as desired for moisturizing shine throughout the day.

My two pennies about this I can't stop calling it cute coz I am absolutely in love with how it looks :p

Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain in Honey Douce is a nice purple pink shade which looks great across any skintone. I am so glad Kiran sent this to me because my love for nudes wouldn't have let me pick this up. I was happi that she sent me a shade of my like but boy, was I surprised when I opened the cap ? Just like you don't judge a book by its cover, similarly you can't judge these balm stains by the color of the outer plastic. And also I think that the shades will come out different on everyone due to the level of pigmentation on the lips.

The Revlon Just bitten Kissable is basically a heavily tinted lip balm, though sheer but has the properties of leaving stain on the lips.

When I say heavily tinted, it really gives the look of the lipstick for the 1st couple of hours. The shine starts to fade only after about 3 hours and the stain stays on the lips for a good 4 hours after the shine is gone, giving you a total of 7 hours of colored lips. Isn't that great ? Of course you can reapply as and when desired but I am not someone who does that. Simply because I forget to take my lipstick with me :p

Oh there's a the 'Balm' word in the name too, you say. Yes, the Revlon Just Bitten Kissable moisturizes amazingly. YAY, its winter time :D

You see the shiny silver end of the crayon ? That's where you hold to twist the color stick up. The color stick itself is retractable so no issues if by chance you got the stick up more than was required.

So did a find a flaw with this product ? Yes, its not available in India :( Boo Revlon, what harm have we done to you ??

Price: $8.99

Rating: 4.5/5 happi :)

Like me, do you think this looks cute ?? Lemme know below :)

Monday, 12 November 2012

Bornpretty Store review + Monday Mani ' The Golden Ribbon'

Hello lovelies, here's a very late Monday Mani. Nail art is not really my cuppa tea. I suck at art since school (I kept failing in 'Drawing' as a subject but shhh....) so I gather as much as nail art deco items as I can, simply because I hate wearing plain nail polish and I love that something extra on the nails :D

So this very famous and HUGE China based online beauty store called 'Born Pretty Store' ,very generously provided me with a sample of their one of many nail art items. Believe me when I say how difficult it was for me to decide what I wanted since it is like a candy store for a kid :D

So I sent them a mail with the details of the item I wanted and voila, I received my parcel on the 13th day of ordering :o how cool is that ? 

Everything came in this fluffy, bubble sheet lined envelope through Hongkong Post. Since the store always marks the parcels as gifts, I doubt you would ever have to pay custom charges.

Ok, lets see what I called for...

Golden bowsss :D How can a girl not love bows ??

The pack in which these came was so full that I expect there to be around 1000 pieces in the pack. Gonna lat me a lifetime and more :p Since the plastic bag in which they were initially packed is not resealable, I had to transfer the bows in a container and they filled 1 n a half small plastic jars...

 These bows are super cute....

And they are 3D and don't bend to your natural nail curve. Not that I am much comfortable with 3D stuff on my nails but these didn't trouble me too much since I put on 2 generous coats of Seche Vite.

These metal decals are available in a dozen designs. The price is a bit steep but you have an option to buy a nail wheel which consists of 10 pieces of 12 different gold metal decals. You only have to stick these on your nails with a touch of clear polish. And the size is big enough for these to be used for decorating stuff other than nails.

To buy these click here

The store has very generously decided to give all the readers a good 10% off, on all the items, using the code below...

Yes, the store ships everywhere in the world free of cost !!

The mani was done using Revlon's Moss Green as a base, BPS bow decals and an unbranded chinese golden glitter polish.

Price: 7.50$

Rating: 4/5 happi :)

Did you girls like the bows ?? Lemme know below :)

Thursday, 8 November 2012

MAC StyleSeeker 'On The Hunt' eye shadow x 2 swatches, review & EOTD

Any Twilight fans here ?? Or Edward ?? Or vampires in general ?? If you are even remotely in love with the idea of vampires, they are gonna be the 1st thing that comes to your mind when you think of 'On The Hunt'. It does that to me. I can totally visualize Edward sprinting off and jumping on his prey, biting it off in the neck and having his fill of the animal's blood. A sparkling Edward, blood dripping down his mouth...a sparkling red !! Now that's what this eye shadow duo from MAC's StyleSeeker Collection is tones ! And surprisingly, I am in love with this red :D

The eyeshadow duo 'On The Hunt' comes in a palette of two (duh) with a see through flip open lid. The palette itself comes inside a hard paper box. The box or the palette do not have the details of the shadows inside. All other MAC palettes that I have, all have details like the shadow name and texture on the back of the case. Boo MAC :/

The first shadow is Star myth, a bronzed violet and of veluxe pearl finish. This is more of a violet-copper with bronze shimmer. Now, veluxe pearl is the most loved of the MAC finishes but somehow the texture of Star Myth doesn't deserve that love.

Raving mad is bronzed red and frost textured. It leans more towards pink though. There is no chunky sparkle or glitter of the frost texture in Raving Mad but some sheen is seen.

Star Myth, Raving Mad

Both the eye shadows in this duo are awesomely color coordinated. Their lasting power is uhmazing :D These lasted for 7 hours before they started to fade. When I used these without the shadow base/primer, the shadow in the crease was gone after 9 hours. But that's still an amazing staying power. Both are non-gritty, smooth in texture and blend easily. None of the shadows settled in the skin fold even after 10 hours.

Both the shadows are tiny bit stiff. Star Myth is a little sheer too. So dabbing these shadows instead of applying gives more intense color pay-off. Star Myth has just a bit of fallout too but nothing panic causing.

The price may seem high but do the math, its not :p not to forget these are LE shades, you can't tell when they'll be repromoted.

Star Myth, Raving Mad

On The Hunt i screaming festiveness to me. I didn't think I would love a red toned eye shadow given how I hate red nail polish and absolutely detest red lipstick :p (only on myself )

EOTD using both the shadows from the duo...

*Ignore untamed and acne filled eyebrow :p

Price: Rs. 1650/ 2.8 gm 

Rating: 4/5 happi :)

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

L'Oreal Paris Infallible Mono Eyeshadow in Permanent Kaki swatch, review & EOTD

By now the L'Oreal Paris Infallible Mono Eyeshadows have already taken the Indian beauty markets by storm. They don't really need an introduction. But nevertheless, I am reviewing one of them today.

I am really into green eye products. It was pretty much evident through my Green Eye Liners post :p So I was sure I wanted to buy the green shadow from the new L'Oreal Paris Infallible range. It is called Permanent Kaki.

These come in a square, plastic flat bottomed jar with a screw on lid. There is a con-server disc that fits in the jar on top of the eye shadow because the shadow itself not pressed properly but only loosely (?)

Permanent Kaki is light dirty olive with golden sheen. It is creamy in texture which makes the application of the shadow very smooth. I found it easier to apply with my finger rather then the brush. It sets really fast on the lid and is bit of a pain to blend. The L'Oreal Paris infallible eye shadows are all light weight despite its texture.


There is a teeny weeny bit of fall out but nothing that can't be taken care of. The stay is supergorgeous. 11 hours before I took it off :o The shadow doesn't crease but I saw that at the end of the day, a little bit of the green had gotten onto the upper crease. But that was only after about 5 hours so I wouldn't really count it as a con.

Price: Rs.450/ 3.5 gm

Rating: 4.5/5 happi :)

Overall I am genuinely pleased with having bought Permanent Kaki (and the others :p)  What about you girlies ?? Who owns how many ? ;) Lemme know below...


Monday, 5 November 2012

MAC StyleSeeker Mean & Green nail polish swatch & review

I am on a glitter high since some time. My beautyjoint haul post is the proof of it. Its almost like anywhere I see glitter and I can't resist. Bad for my wallet I know but hey its happi therapy for me ;)

Today's glitter baby is MAC Mean & Green from the Styleseeker collection. This oh so pwetty purple, green, gold n pink multichromatic fine glitter in a tinted base has totally stolen my heart. As if it were not enough, the foil finish of the final look makes it all the more drool worthy :D


Mean & Green is not a new shade but a repromote and already in the permanent range of nail lacquers. It originally came with the 2010 Venomous Villains collection. It has no extraordinary packaging. Comes in a black velvetty topped cylindrical bottle, with a stiff brush.

While the formula is good, the application of most of MAC nail polishes is a bit annoying. You need to be careful with brush strokes since the brush tends to drag the polish below, leaving bald patches. 

Since it has a tinted base, its got to be sheer, making 3 coats necessary to make it opaque. The polish is smooth as a creme, no gritty-bumpy ride :D It stayed on quite good for 3 day after which it was removed !!


Mean & Green looks more of a purple-green duochromatic nail polish than being a multichromatic. The golden hue transfers way less than what is seen in the bottle. Don't panic, that doesn't make the polish on your nails any less pretty. Its definitely there, I swear..oh that rhymed :p Only I couldn't capture it on my cam :(

Under artificial light

Price: Rs.950/10ml

Now I hardly ever complain about the prices of MAC products. But it breaks my heart when I have to pay such a hefty sum for only 10 ml of polish. I wouldn't EVER buy MAC nail lacquers at this price if they weren't something extraordinary.

Rating: 3.75/5 happi :)

What do you think of Mean & Green ?? Lemme know below :)