Monday, 12 November 2012

Bornpretty Store review + Monday Mani ' The Golden Ribbon'

Hello lovelies, here's a very late Monday Mani. Nail art is not really my cuppa tea. I suck at art since school (I kept failing in 'Drawing' as a subject but shhh....) so I gather as much as nail art deco items as I can, simply because I hate wearing plain nail polish and I love that something extra on the nails :D

So this very famous and HUGE China based online beauty store called 'Born Pretty Store' ,very generously provided me with a sample of their one of many nail art items. Believe me when I say how difficult it was for me to decide what I wanted since it is like a candy store for a kid :D

So I sent them a mail with the details of the item I wanted and voila, I received my parcel on the 13th day of ordering :o how cool is that ? 

Everything came in this fluffy, bubble sheet lined envelope through Hongkong Post. Since the store always marks the parcels as gifts, I doubt you would ever have to pay custom charges.

Ok, lets see what I called for...

Golden bowsss :D How can a girl not love bows ??

The pack in which these came was so full that I expect there to be around 1000 pieces in the pack. Gonna lat me a lifetime and more :p Since the plastic bag in which they were initially packed is not resealable, I had to transfer the bows in a container and they filled 1 n a half small plastic jars...

 These bows are super cute....

And they are 3D and don't bend to your natural nail curve. Not that I am much comfortable with 3D stuff on my nails but these didn't trouble me too much since I put on 2 generous coats of Seche Vite.

These metal decals are available in a dozen designs. The price is a bit steep but you have an option to buy a nail wheel which consists of 10 pieces of 12 different gold metal decals. You only have to stick these on your nails with a touch of clear polish. And the size is big enough for these to be used for decorating stuff other than nails.

To buy these click here

The store has very generously decided to give all the readers a good 10% off, on all the items, using the code below...

Yes, the store ships everywhere in the world free of cost !!

The mani was done using Revlon's Moss Green as a base, BPS bow decals and an unbranded chinese golden glitter polish.

Price: 7.50$

Rating: 4/5 happi :)

Did you girls like the bows ?? Lemme know below :)


  1. u gonna hate me but i dont like bows :( bt i like d mani <3

  2. Free shipping sounds gr8...will check out the store...thanks Dhara. Oh, and the bow looks really cute.

    Wish you a happy Diwali and a wonderful New Year :)

    1. Thank you Dollie...BPS is nothing short of a candy store ;) just a forewarning :p

  3. Hey Dhara, even i got my parcel from them a couple of days ago.

    Happy Diwali to you and your Family :)
    Take care and enjoy .
    <3 <3

    1. I jus saw ur mani using the BPS goodies :)Turned out too good !!

  4. aw I love the bows!! They are sooooo cute!!! I'm definitely placing a order with Born Pretty now!! xx

    1. I knowww... I even compromised with their size jus so that I could these cuties for myself :p