Monday, 19 November 2012

Cover Band Sticks' N Stones swatch& review + Monday Mani 'Its Black or White'

The majority of my world is black and white !! These two colors would be my choices for almost everything at any given time. And its not something that I am very proud of. Thank god I haven't fallen for a black lipstick ( yes people, MAC has one :p).

If there is anything that justifies the beauty of the b/w combo, it's this lovely nail polish from Cover Band called Sticks'n Stones. It's actually a glitter top coat packed with matte black squares in two sizes, matte b/w bar glitter, matte b/w hex glitter in three sizes and also a dash of fine silver holo glitter.

There is soo much of glitter in the bottle that you are sure to get a little of everything on each nail. Ofcourse there is a unique pattern on each nail but that's the beauty of mixed glitter top coats, right ? The polish dries at reasonable speed for a glitter top coat. Inspite of having a ton of glitter, the polish is not thick, just good enough to spread the glitter evenly.

SnS without base color

The versatility of the colors of the glitter make it an excellent top coat for most bright colors. I have used it over 2 coats of Jordana nail polish in Pink Flare, a happi pink creme


The unavailability of it in India becomes a very strong con. It can only be ordered online at NinjaPolish and it requires paypal :(

Price: $9 +shipping / 15 ml

Rating: 4/5 happi :) (1 :) deducted solely for unavailability)

What do you think about black and white glitters ?? Lemme know below :)


  1. Luv ur choice of colors . . . Its pretty

  2. I must admit that I wasnt that convinced with this polish when you told me about it but seeing it on your nails properly...its pretty nice! I like the combo of all the different shapes :-)

    1. Haha I so knew you were not impressed with this polish but I absolutely dig b/w combo <3

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