Thursday, 29 November 2012

Lakme Lip Love lipstick in 'Love Haze' swatch & review

The Lakme Lip Love range was launched quite sometime ago, so its not really new but I am showing this lipstick here only because its one of my favorites.

I am a sucker for funky cosmetic product packing. The shiny red lipstick case of this lipstick from the Lakme Lip Love range was literally calling out to when these lovelies were launched and I had to get one. My obvious choice was a neutral color and Love Haze was the only such shade from the range.

How can anyone not fall in love with this shiny case ?? It clearly was love at  first sight :) The is the 'o' as in 'LOVE' which is inscribed on the case cover.


Shiny all the way :D I love how the cover snaps shut and stays put making it very travel friendly. You won't need to worry about loose caps falling out in your handbag.

There's a 'LOVE' inscription on the lipstick bullet too. 

Coming to more important aspects, Love Haze is a brown leaning a bit towards pink. I can say that this is the perfect MLBB shade for me. It is warm enough to not wash me out and soft enough to look girly. Acc. to me it would be a perfect lipstick to wear to work.

The pigmentation is so awesome that I don't need a primer or a lip eraser underneath this one. It totally covers the pigmentation of my lips and gives an even color. The creamy texture is very moisturizing too. And it also has an added benefit of SPF 16.

The cons of this lipstick is that it wears good only for 2 hours and is easily transferred to other surfaces. Sadly these are the most important things in a lipstick.

But this still remains my favorite lipstick and I put half the blame on that shiny red and the Love inscription ;)


Rating: 3.75/5 happi :)

Do you own any other shades from this range ? Lemme know below :)