Monday, 5 November 2012

MAC StyleSeeker Mean & Green nail polish swatch & review

I am on a glitter high since some time. My beautyjoint haul post is the proof of it. Its almost like anywhere I see glitter and I can't resist. Bad for my wallet I know but hey its happi therapy for me ;)

Today's glitter baby is MAC Mean & Green from the Styleseeker collection. This oh so pwetty purple, green, gold n pink multichromatic fine glitter in a tinted base has totally stolen my heart. As if it were not enough, the foil finish of the final look makes it all the more drool worthy :D


Mean & Green is not a new shade but a repromote and already in the permanent range of nail lacquers. It originally came with the 2010 Venomous Villains collection. It has no extraordinary packaging. Comes in a black velvetty topped cylindrical bottle, with a stiff brush.

While the formula is good, the application of most of MAC nail polishes is a bit annoying. You need to be careful with brush strokes since the brush tends to drag the polish below, leaving bald patches. 

Since it has a tinted base, its got to be sheer, making 3 coats necessary to make it opaque. The polish is smooth as a creme, no gritty-bumpy ride :D It stayed on quite good for 3 day after which it was removed !!


Mean & Green looks more of a purple-green duochromatic nail polish than being a multichromatic. The golden hue transfers way less than what is seen in the bottle. Don't panic, that doesn't make the polish on your nails any less pretty. Its definitely there, I swear..oh that rhymed :p Only I couldn't capture it on my cam :(

Under artificial light

Price: Rs.950/10ml

Now I hardly ever complain about the prices of MAC products. But it breaks my heart when I have to pay such a hefty sum for only 10 ml of polish. I wouldn't EVER buy MAC nail lacquers at this price if they weren't something extraordinary.

Rating: 3.75/5 happi :)

What do you think of Mean & Green ?? Lemme know below :)