Thursday, 8 November 2012

MAC StyleSeeker 'On The Hunt' eye shadow x 2 swatches, review & EOTD

Any Twilight fans here ?? Or Edward ?? Or vampires in general ?? If you are even remotely in love with the idea of vampires, they are gonna be the 1st thing that comes to your mind when you think of 'On The Hunt'. It does that to me. I can totally visualize Edward sprinting off and jumping on his prey, biting it off in the neck and having his fill of the animal's blood. A sparkling Edward, blood dripping down his mouth...a sparkling red !! Now that's what this eye shadow duo from MAC's StyleSeeker Collection is tones ! And surprisingly, I am in love with this red :D

The eyeshadow duo 'On The Hunt' comes in a palette of two (duh) with a see through flip open lid. The palette itself comes inside a hard paper box. The box or the palette do not have the details of the shadows inside. All other MAC palettes that I have, all have details like the shadow name and texture on the back of the case. Boo MAC :/

The first shadow is Star myth, a bronzed violet and of veluxe pearl finish. This is more of a violet-copper with bronze shimmer. Now, veluxe pearl is the most loved of the MAC finishes but somehow the texture of Star Myth doesn't deserve that love.

Raving mad is bronzed red and frost textured. It leans more towards pink though. There is no chunky sparkle or glitter of the frost texture in Raving Mad but some sheen is seen.

Star Myth, Raving Mad

Both the eye shadows in this duo are awesomely color coordinated. Their lasting power is uhmazing :D These lasted for 7 hours before they started to fade. When I used these without the shadow base/primer, the shadow in the crease was gone after 9 hours. But that's still an amazing staying power. Both are non-gritty, smooth in texture and blend easily. None of the shadows settled in the skin fold even after 10 hours.

Both the shadows are tiny bit stiff. Star Myth is a little sheer too. So dabbing these shadows instead of applying gives more intense color pay-off. Star Myth has just a bit of fallout too but nothing panic causing.

The price may seem high but do the math, its not :p not to forget these are LE shades, you can't tell when they'll be repromoted.

Star Myth, Raving Mad

On The Hunt i screaming festiveness to me. I didn't think I would love a red toned eye shadow given how I hate red nail polish and absolutely detest red lipstick :p (only on myself )

EOTD using both the shadows from the duo...

*Ignore untamed and acne filled eyebrow :p

Price: Rs. 1650/ 2.8 gm 

Rating: 4/5 happi :)