Monday, 26 November 2012

Maybelline Colorama Roxo Metalico swatch + Monday Mani ' Stud'em '

Hello is a polish that I tried to stay away from since some time, but at last give into the temptation of a shimmer and shine. I don't know when I put it in my cart with the other things but I am glad I did.

This shiny and shimmery purple from Maybelline Coloranma is called Roxo Metalico. The shimmer is Blue-purple (blurple) hence the slight blue hue. Thiis is the beauty of this polish. I will go on and call this sexy ;)

All Colorama polishes ( or at least the ones I have) are streaky, leaving patches. And they level out with the consecutive coats. Rexo needed 2 coats to go opaque. It dries reasonably well. The polish stayed on for 5 days with minimal tip wear after using a top coat. The brush is quite nice too. All in all, Roxo Metalica is totally worth its price.

Since plain nail polish is a sin (on THT that is) I used gold striping tape bought from a blog sale and gold studs bought from Born Pretty Store to accent my middle and ring fingers.

Price: Rs.100/8 ml ( Still available for Rs.85 on some e-tailing sites)

Rating: 4.5/5 happi :)

How many of you own this polish ??  Lemme know below :)