Saturday, 22 December 2012

Best of 2012 Part 1

Hello lovelies,

So 2012 is ending in a few days so I guess it's the right time for me to come up with a list of products that have been my favorite this year, irrespective of when they were launched. These are the products that I used a lot in 2012.

* Lakme Absolute Mattreal Skin Natural Mousse :
     A late discovery but I am taken over by the texture of it. Blends like a dream, looks natural and doesn't break me out :D


* MAC Lipstick in 'See Sheer' :

     It's weird that I am in love with this grapefruit pink even though it shows up somewhat neony on my lips. I used this repeatedly for some months which is very unlikely of me :p

* Lakme Fast & Fabulous nail polish in Silver High :

     Loving this pearl white with multicolored fine shimmer so much that I managed to empty half the bottle. Again so not me x_x

* MAC Powder Blush in 'Peachykeen'

     I have been using this all through the year. I love how it gives a natural flush to my cheeks :D Reviewed here

* Lakme Abolute Kohl Ultimate :

     This jet black, long staying kohl comes with a smudger and a sharpener. Staple in my kit !!

* Burt's Bees Replenishing Lip balm :

     Got this off eBay for an excellent deal with the Burt's Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream. This has been my saviour on cold winter nights. Highly recommended :D

* DKNY Women :

     Fun, flirty, floral- everything a girl wants in her summer perfume :D

 * The Body Shop Strawberry Body Mist:

     Warm, cozy and sweet- Winter fragrance can't get better for me :p Makes me crave strawberry milkshake every time I use this!!

Time for a New Year Resolution :

I have a lot of stuff that is still unopened and untried. So I hereby resolve to use each and every untried item at least once in 2013 :p

It applies to the nail polishes which are not even swatched once...I think I should do a swatchathon soon. At least that way, I will use all the bottles :/

There are more but these many are already making me feel ashamed x_x

Wish List ?? I don't make one because if I do, it will be the death of me and everyone else around me :p

So this was part 1 of the 'Best of 2012'. The 2nd part is more personal and not really beauty related. Lemme know if you guys want me to put it up :p

Also lemme know what your beauty related new year resolutions are or what products have you been using the most this past year :D


  1. i absolutely love the burtbees the post

  2. loved the post :) n the last two pictures... ahem :P all the best :D

  3. Peachykeen looks lovely! Does the Lakme Absolute foundation give full coverage?

    1. Thanks Dollie...the foundation is medium coverage if you have a lot of dark spots. It definitely lightens them but you would need a concealer if you want to huide the spots completely. This is my everyday foundation when I don't want too much coverage :)

  4. Oh my..!!
    was like awe!! looking over your untried things..
    and yes,
    absolute matte mousse is my fav too :)

    1. Even I am like awww(ful) lol...need to get working on them x_x

  5. Give me some of your unopened things :P

    1. Come hereeee..we'll share :p

    2. oh my gosh could you imagine if you two put your collections together?! You could open a shop and have enough stock for a year! Not to mention all the fun you would have drolling over all those beauties! :-)

  6. OMG so many mac products!!! waiting for the reviews :D

  7. Great post D! You know I've never actually bought a Burts Bees...think I need to rectify that asap! lol and Yes please start swatching all those beauties! Its making me anxious just seeing it all! lol

  8. Wowwwwww such a lovely collection of ununsed things :P

  9. Hey, welcome to THT :) Yeah I am trying to use as much as possible...hence the polish challenge ;)