Saturday, 8 December 2012

Colorbar Take Me As I Am 'Mysterious Nude' swatch & review

Colorbar came out with these chubby lip pencils some time back and they are nearly, if not as much, as cute my Revlon just Bitten Lip Balm Stain. The range is called Colobar Take Me As I Am Lipcolor (TMAIM henceforth). I am not sure why it has been named like that but it sure gives a moral boost to the beauties who are on the chubbier side like me. I have not cared what people have to say about my weight and that's precisely my attitude...'Take-me-as-i-am or go-to-hell. Guess that was enough for me to pick one of these 'fat' lip pencils up.

Acc to Colorbar this lipcolor is:

* Extremely soft & creamy with excellent color pay-off

* Smooth operator with wonderful wear time and shine

* High dose of moisturizing and skin conditioning benefits

* Dermatologically approved

* Free sharpener with this pack

I chose to buy the 'Mysterious Nude' (duh). This lipcolor comes in a shiny silver card box and is a black fat wooden pencil with the lipcolor at its core and a black cover. The end of the pencil is color coordinated with the actual color of the lipstick making it quite easy to locate in the cosmetic stash.

Mysterious nude is brown-orange with a good amount of shine, devoid of shimmer. Formula wise, the lipcolor is extremely soft and creamy. In fact so much that I almost got a tiny piece of the tip on my lip because I was a lil hard on it while applying. The pigmentation is really good and needed only 1 swipe all over to get opaque and even color. Though it tends to settle into fine lines immediately after application.

TMAIM lipcolor is extremely moisturizing. I didn't need to use a lip balm underneath even though my lips are cracked due to the weather. Generally lipsticks that are creamy in texture tend to transfer to all the surfaces that they come in contact with. But I was surprised that this lipcolor did not get transferred to my glass. This actually adheres to the lips quite well !! I love it already :D

After an hour or so, the creaminess started to fade while the color still remained. This gave my lips a dry feeling which is generally experienced with matte lipsticks and I absolutely hate this feeling :/ The color however, lasted for almost 4 hours with light snacking.

Each TMAIM lipcolor comes with a free sharpener. If it didn't you would probably have to buy one especially for this pencil since the normal thin ones wouldn't work. But this is also a con since you would have a collection of sharpeners if you bought multiple pencils. It would have been better if the company just sold the sharpeners separately. I think they did but not anymore I guess. Smartiess O_o

Price: Rs. 699/ 3.94 gm ( more then a MAC lippy in terms of quantity :p)

Rating: 3.5/5 happi :)

Have you picked up any TMAIM pencils ?? Lemme know below :)


  1. i loved the 1st para :) me too chubby chubby :P
    and ur lip swatch looks very pretty :)

  2. I have a couple of these & I totally agree with your review.. even I thght these were nice but not great :)

  3. I wanted to try these but the pencil cum lipstick combo wasnt that pleasing to me :\

  4. nice shade! I have it in flirtatious pink, I would love to try this! Mac lippies are 990 , this is 699,so not more than mac lippies!

    1. Oops sorryyyy...I meant it qauntity wise...will edit that part right away :)

  5. I have this and like this too.. :)

  6. Nice nude colour but don't like the pencil form.

  7. Yeah not exactly a 'budget buy' :/

  8. thats a really pretty nude but more than mac? thats weird!