Monday, 31 December 2012

JENsations White Out swatch & review + NOTD 'Gloomsday'

Gloomsday ? Hasn't all the recent happenings and its aftermath made you gloomy ? Or angry ? Or scared? Well I am scared, not only for myself or my 6 yr old daughter but for all the girls who happen to live amongst the monsters under the guise of 'men'. But I am also angry at the pathetic state of the women folk of India. While I can't go out and punish those b*****ds with my own bare hands, I can fight in my own small way. I can shout back at a loafer who as much as whistles at me, I can push the a$$hole who dares to touch me, and I can definitely stay alert and see where I am going and if I am being followed. I can save a few police helpline nos on my cell phone. And I can definitely pray that no other girl has to undergo the brutality of a  rape to be announced as the 'Daughter of India'.

The weather it seems, is mourning the loss of that innocent soul too...Its been almost 10 days without sunlight. It certainly is making me lethargic and cranky. My heart is in despair and my mood comes through very aptly with my today's manicure.

Its a pity that I am unable to be happi at the moment but this particular indie polish has my heart. Meet 'White Out' by Jensations. All Jensations polishes come in a super cute star shaped bottle which is relatively easy to store.

'White Out' subtle mix of all matte white multi-sized hexes, square and bar glitter in a clear base. Jam packed with glitter pieces, the base is slightly thick. There is a LOT of glitter but it sinks down to the bottom so a vigorous shake is a must. The glitter doesn't stick their head up except the bars. A good top coat can fix this easily.

Here is 2 coats of White Out layered on 2 coats of NYX advanced salon formula nail polish in 'Cloudy', a dusty grey, perfectly gloomy !! Though I am loving the clean look of this mani.

Jensations polishes are available on Etsy. The owner, Jen, has a wide array of glitter combos with whacky names. Jen ships international too but the shipping is a killer :/ Time to email those US based relatives lol.

Price: 8$/10 ml + shipping

Rating: 4/5 happi :)

What do you think about the matte white glitter? Lemme know below :)

Wish you guys a Happy & a Safe New Year :D 


  1. so true ! it sure does feel gloomy :(
    and i loved ur mani :) its looking very nice :)
    happy new year:)

  2. Your mani looks gorgeous Dhara, I love white glitter :)

  3. Your absolutely have to be absolutely firm with those losers and tell them to eff off! Really good tips too...I hope everyone who reads this will keep them in mind. I really love the mani too! That white matte glitter is really nice :-)