Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Project Polish 75 Zoya Part 2

Hello all,

In part 2, I have 4 super sparkly Zoya polishes...I love them soo much that I don't mind the dark colors (something that I am not too fond of).

Trixie, Tiffany, Lisa, Gilda

Monday, 28 January 2013

L'Oreal Paris Color Riche LE nail art sticker 'Denim' review

Hi all,

Today I have something really fancy to show you guys today. L'Oreal recently launched nail stickers with some really awesome artsy designs. This one is called 'Denim'. True to the name, it has the rough denim feel.

Need a manicure but don’t have time to wait for the polish to dry? Get ready to get FashioNAILable with L’Oreal Paris Le Nail Art stickers.

Inspired from luxury fabrics, these stickers are easy to use and can stay on for upto10 days. We have three timeless collections that create ultimate nail wardrobe ranges:

Couture- Nail stickers that are inspired from the latest catwalk trends

L’Or- The timeless black and gold nail art stickers can add a vintage feel to your look

Diamantisse - Diamonds are a girl’s best friend! These stickers aren’t just stickers, they are nail diamonds!

Project Polish 75 Zoya Part 1

Hi all,

Welcome to 'Project Polish 75' ...

As the 1st post of PP75, I have 3 Zoya swatches...

Madison, Mitzi, Apple

Sunday, 27 January 2013

Project Polish 75 Announcement

Hello lovelies,

If you have been following my haul posts, you would know how crazy I can get about buying nail polishes. If you were wondering how I use all the polishes, then let me confess that I have not gotten to using each and every polish that I own. Every time I bought a polish, I kept it in a separate bag. It would go into my stash only after I had used it once. Within months, the bag began overflowing and I began feeling guilty about my polish addiction. Guess I took the blog's name quite literally.

Anyways, so I was chatting with my bud Kiran and she took my already guilty self on a guilt trip and said I shouldn't buy anymore nail polish until I had used each that I already have, at least once. I thought for a minute and agreed. So here I am, with a challenge to use each and every untried polish at least once before I can buy a new one. So let me present to you 'Project Polish 75'.

Okay so before you wonder what the number 75 stands for, its the number of untried polishes that I have :/ So not a proud of this !!

I will post swatches of all the 75 polishes brand wise, clubbing all from the same brand in one post. I wanna get this done with asap because I am already feeling like my hands are tied. They actually are when it comes to spending money on nail polish. And believe me, this is so not comfortable.

So what do girls think about this self ban/challenge ?? If there is any other crazed female like me out there, who has a lot of untried products, we can do this challenge together :) At least it will ease my guilt a bit ;)

Friday, 25 January 2013

M.A.C Power Eye pencil Crayon Kohl 'Raven' swatch & review

Hey everyone,
Today it's a beautiful colored eye pencil from the latest MAC Glamour Daze collection called 'Raven'. Reminds me of a teen psychic female of the same name from the show called That's So Raven. Loved her Antics and goof ups :p

Raven is a blackened burgundy brown with a pearl finish and is a repromote.

Monday, 21 January 2013

M.A.C Nail Lacquer 'Everything that glitters' swatch & review

I know I know, I said that I wouldn't buy any more MAC polishes unless they are dramatically different. And trust me when I say, this one is different.

MAC Everything That Glitters(ETG) is black with super multidimensional glitter. In simple words, it's a dark black polish with dominating blue and pink fine glitter and micro gold glitter.

With flash

I love everything about this polish. Let's have a breakdown of ETG in a convenient way.

      Black crelly with blue, pink and gold glitter.

       Medium. Good for a glitter polish.

      Looks sheer at first but goes opaque in only 2 coats.

Drying time:
      Dries very fast. I was able to do the 2nd coat as soon as I finished with the 1st coat on the 10th finger.

Texture : 
      Acc. to me the texture of ETG is that of a sandy matt as Kejal of nailartnthings calls them. Basically the polish dries to a matte finish but is slightly gritty due to the glitter in it and the glitter shines through. O.P.I is coining this texture as liquid sand ( More on this later ;) ). Its best to use these type of polishes without a top coat. But ofcourse, there's no rule as such.

     It's a limited edition product ( part of the Glamour Daze collection) so it will only be available only till stocks last which shouldn't be a problem in India :p

Price:  Rs. 1050 /10 ml

Rating:  4/5 happi :)

So what do you guys thinks about this nail polish ? I am loving the bling factor with the matte finish, ofcourse you'll need to put the price aside to fully enjoy this polish ;)

Saturday, 19 January 2013

My Mumbai trip, Haul & Tattoo

Hello there *waves frantically*

I am back from my Mumbai trip :D How have you guys been ?? As for me, I have been very ill since the day I reached Mumbai. Caught cold because of the climatic difference between Amritsar and Mumbai. Honestly I didn't enjoy much on this trip. Couldn't stay up for late night girly chats with my cuz, didn't do insane shopping in-spite of the sales and the worst part is that I couldn't meet my bestie :(

My main agenda of this trip was to meet to my grandfather from mum's side. He's suffering from last stage cancer and all I had wanted was for him to hang on till I get there. Fortunately he's a bit better and I am pretty sure he's gonna make it through a couple of months more.

I bought some stuff here and there...nothing major...


Basic tees...

A pair of sandals...

Skincare and polishes...

The best part of the trip was that my husband and I got a tattoo done :D It was hubby's idea that we get a tattoo with our initials on our ring fingers. I love how it turned out.

See, not much right ? ;)

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

MAC Eye Kohl 'Minted' swatch & review

Hello lovely people,

I am at my mum's place and greatly surprised that I have managed to blog while my mum looks on. She's so curious about this whole thing and wants me to explain what to her what I am doing. How cute is that ? So tonight I have a tech date  with mommy dearest :p

Let's keep up with the emerald green saga and play up our eyes a bit with a beautiful green eye pencil from MAC which can be used on the water line as well.

 MAC Minted is a part of the eye kohl family and is a permanent shade. Acc. to MAC, their eye kohl is a soft-on pencil liner that lines, defines and shades the eyes with rich color & a silky-smooth, matte/pearl finish. Ophthalmologist tested.

Minted is described as vibrant mint green with pearl. To me, it looks a beautiful emerald green with super fine golden shimmer.

Minted is creamy and doesn't pull or tug at the skin while applying. While its not sheer, you get better intensity with two swipes. Minted is smudge-able and can be used as a base for more intense eye looks. Though it does come down on my under eyes when used on the waterline after abt 3 hrs but does not totally disappear from the waterline. On the upper lash line, it lasts for arnd 6 hrs.

MAC says it's safe to use on the waterline but it does make my eyes burn occasionally (not always). But I still love it nevertheless :p

MAC eye kohls are wooden pencils with matte black coating and black cover. They have colored ends which shows the color of the pencil. This makes it easier to locate them in your stash.

Price:  RS.1000 /0.48 gm

Rating: 4/5 Happi :)

Have you given this pencil a try ?? Lemme know below :)

Monday, 7 January 2013

Emerald Green NOTD

By now you guys must have known that Pantone has chosen Emerald Green as the color of the year. So basically this color will dominate in a variety of stuff...cosmetics, decor, clothes, accesories etc. So let me present to you today two very gorgeous emerald green nail polishes that I own.

First on is, Storm Green from the Lakme Fast & Fabulous range. Fast drying, good formula, wide brush, reasonable stay. What's not to like in this one ;)

All you glitter lovers, you have to own this blingy Emerald City from Model's Own. Super blingy emerald green glitter in clear base. This is much more bright in real life, clearly my camera couldn't handle the brightness ;)

So what do y'all think about these pretties ?? You guys own any emerald green polishes other then these ?? Lemme know below :)

And don't forget to vote for me at the Cosmopolitian Blog Awards :D