Monday, 21 January 2013

M.A.C Nail Lacquer 'Everything that glitters' swatch & review

I know I know, I said that I wouldn't buy any more MAC polishes unless they are dramatically different. And trust me when I say, this one is different.

MAC Everything That Glitters(ETG) is black with super multidimensional glitter. In simple words, it's a dark black polish with dominating blue and pink fine glitter and micro gold glitter.

With flash

I love everything about this polish. Let's have a breakdown of ETG in a convenient way.

      Black crelly with blue, pink and gold glitter.

       Medium. Good for a glitter polish.

      Looks sheer at first but goes opaque in only 2 coats.

Drying time:
      Dries very fast. I was able to do the 2nd coat as soon as I finished with the 1st coat on the 10th finger.

Texture : 
      Acc. to me the texture of ETG is that of a sandy matt as Kejal of nailartnthings calls them. Basically the polish dries to a matte finish but is slightly gritty due to the glitter in it and the glitter shines through. O.P.I is coining this texture as liquid sand ( More on this later ;) ). Its best to use these type of polishes without a top coat. But ofcourse, there's no rule as such.

     It's a limited edition product ( part of the Glamour Daze collection) so it will only be available only till stocks last which shouldn't be a problem in India :p

Price:  Rs. 1050 /10 ml

Rating:  4/5 happi :)

So what do you guys thinks about this nail polish ? I am loving the bling factor with the matte finish, ofcourse you'll need to put the price aside to fully enjoy this polish ;)