Sunday, 27 January 2013

Project Polish 75 Announcement

Hello lovelies,

If you have been following my haul posts, you would know how crazy I can get about buying nail polishes. If you were wondering how I use all the polishes, then let me confess that I have not gotten to using each and every polish that I own. Every time I bought a polish, I kept it in a separate bag. It would go into my stash only after I had used it once. Within months, the bag began overflowing and I began feeling guilty about my polish addiction. Guess I took the blog's name quite literally.

Anyways, so I was chatting with my bud Kiran and she took my already guilty self on a guilt trip and said I shouldn't buy anymore nail polish until I had used each that I already have, at least once. I thought for a minute and agreed. So here I am, with a challenge to use each and every untried polish at least once before I can buy a new one. So let me present to you 'Project Polish 75'.

Okay so before you wonder what the number 75 stands for, its the number of untried polishes that I have :/ So not a proud of this !!

I will post swatches of all the 75 polishes brand wise, clubbing all from the same brand in one post. I wanna get this done with asap because I am already feeling like my hands are tied. They actually are when it comes to spending money on nail polish. And believe me, this is so not comfortable.

So what do girls think about this self ban/challenge ?? If there is any other crazed female like me out there, who has a lot of untried products, we can do this challenge together :) At least it will ease my guilt a bit ;)