Monday, 28 January 2013

Project Polish 75 Zoya Part 1

Hi all,

Welcome to 'Project Polish 75' ...

As the 1st post of PP75, I have 3 Zoya swatches...

Madison, Mitzi, Apple

First up is Zoya Madison, a sheer pink...perfect for french manicures.

This is 3 coats here :/ Sorry for the mess, I dunno how I got all that dirt on !!

Next is Zoya Mitzi...a matte lime green. 3 coats

 Loveee it <3

Last for today is Zoya Apple...shimmery green and gold, 3 coats and still there is VNL, not that I mind.

Alright ladies, there is going to be a Zoya part 2 with lots of shimmery goodness :p Till then droolllll lol


  1. so so so in love with the matte lime green . . . Goes on my wish list . . .

    1. Its fabb...look out for other mattes from Zoya too :)

  2. Loved Zoya midzy.. don't know whether i will be able to carry off yellow nails... still :') Btw, you have shaped your nails so perfectly <3 <3<3 I cant never get it right !

    1. Thanks Sukanya :) ...I love Mitzi too...Its much greener IRL...

  3. drooling drooling dear :) :)
    really v pretty al d shades r
    thanks fr d notds :)

  4. I am sooo in love with madison...its such a dreamy romantic shade...I just wish it would be opaque in few coats