Friday, 15 February 2013

Project Polish 75 'Faces' Part 2

Hi all,

I am here with the last of Faces nail polishes :D One more brand down...Can't express how good that feeling I am one more step closer to buying the awesome polishes on my list :p

Today we have....

Vegas Tonight, Mitzi Green Matte, Love You Matte, You Don't Matte

Vegas Tonight is from the Faces Ultimate Pro Lacquer range. Its black creme with fine gold glitter and is opaque in 1 coat :D Here's 2 coats though...

Next is a dead on dupe of Zoya Mitzi, with the same name O_o Faces Mitzi Green Matte is a lime green matte. 3 coats over here...

Love You Matte is a bright pink matte...3 coats !!


Lasttttttt matte of my life :p

You Don't Matte is a light brown with silver shimmer..Shown here is 2 coats.


So my favourite of the mattes is 'You Don't Matte' though I don't like the name at all :p What would yours be ?? Lemme know below...

p.s : I have 2 indies coming up on Monday ;)


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    1. Haha Puja How can you not love any polishes :p Thanks dear :D