Friday, 22 February 2013

Project Polish 75 'Maybelline Colorama'

Hiya lovely ladies,

How's everyone been doing ? Stupid cold winds and rains are totally ruining my mood these day...I long for summer now lol

On to our business ;) Today its two very pretty polishes from Maybelline Colorama. This is one brand that has really cool colors at affordable prices !!

Coral Chic, Absinto

Coral Chic is a sheer coral nail polish with the slightest hint of golden pearl...A pain to build, even at 3 coats.

Absinto is a cool mint green with hidden green shimmer...hidden coz it is not easily seen in the bottle and definitely doesn't tranlate on the nail. Pretty at 2 coats :)

How did you guys like these ? Let me know below :)


  1. I have and LOVE Coral Chic! But Absinto looks especially delightful! I think i'll get it ;)