Saturday, 30 March 2013

Project Polish 75 ' Ninja Polish Floam ®'

Heya ladies,

I have some really cool polishes to show you...something that started as a single polish inspired by a toy grew into a whole range. Its none other Floam ® Yeah see the lil 'R' ?? The name is now registered with the ladies at But the original Floam was made by Nailventurous and now it is exclusively available at

Anyways,enjoy the swatches of the ones  I have....

 I like these polishes just the way they are so I have 3 coats of each polish here over 1 coat of OPI Funny Bunny. But layering them over colored bases totally changes the look of Floams.

Project Polish 75 'NYX Part 2'

Haha the forgotten NYX is here lol...these are from the 'Girls' range.

Super Funk, Prismatic Gold

Prismatic Gold is a fine gold glitter and small silver holo hexes in a clear base.

1 coat of Prismatic Gold over 2 coats of black creme

Super Funk is small and fine purple glitter in a clear base.

1 coat of Super Funk over 2 coats of black creme.

That's all guys. See ya'll tomorrow with some interesting polishes ;)

Chit-Chat Saturday Vol.2

Hello people,

I am back with another round of chit-chatting :D

I have this problem with my kohls, I am still searching for something that stays for a looong time and doesnt't make my eyes water. This leads to me buying and trying black kohls from different brands. I am really curious whether any of you face the same problem. So my question this week is how many black kohls do you all own at the moment ?

I have 8 black kohls at the moment !! What about you ? Lemme know below :)

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Maybelline HyperGlossy Runway Pop Liquid Liner 'Turquoise Blue' swatch & review

Heya ladies,

Last year we saw a lot of mint green color. Be it pants, nail polish, accesories or footwear, the shade was everywhere. Well, its time for a mint green eye liner that is glossy, water proof, smudgeproof and long wearing !! Sounds good ? Let's see how exactly good it is ;)

Maybelline New York presents the HYPERGLOSSY RUNWAY POP LIQUID LINER for eyes that shine with the boldest design! This is Maybelline New York's newest launch. The one I have is the shade called 'Turquoise Blue'.

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Project Polish 75 ' Random Indies'

Hi all,

I am super happi today. The only reason is that I am onto the last stages of PP75 :D Only 9 more bottles to go after this post !!

Today I have a couple of Indies to show ya'll. Let's see which ones they are...

Saturday, 23 March 2013

Chit-Chat Saturday Vol.1

Hi guys,

I am starting this new feature on the blog called 'Chit-Chat Saturday'. I am gonna put up a simple question every Saturday, not necessarily beauty related.

Project Polish 75 - Random Brands.

Hello lovely ladies,

Today's post is a mixed bag. I have swatches of some polishes from different brands all in 1 post. Yes, I am that desperate :p

Let's get onto business...

Make-Up Academy nail polish in Shade no.3. Bright berry creme.

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Pout.Kiss.Record! Baby Lips Anthem with Maybelline New York!

Its time to show your love for the cutest lip balms on the block. Maybelline  New York has come up with this wacky idea of having a Baby Lips Anthem recorded with the kiss sounds of Baby Lips lovers !!

Monday, 18 March 2013

Maybelline BB Stick 'Fawn' swatch & review

So this review has been lying in my drafts for 2 weeks now and people are already raving about the recently launched Maybelline wonder, their Clear Glow BB Stick ! There's not gonna be anything new in my review of it. Only some more proof about its goodness.

The new Maybelline Clear Glow BB Stick comes in a twist-up bullet with the trademark Clear Glow packing. It claims to have 8 benefits again. Some hits and a couple of misses too. I am simply going to summarize it for you guys :)

Friday, 15 March 2013

Project Polish 75 'O.P.I'

Hello ladies,

So most of you would know about the farewell of Google Reader. Yeah, that list of latest posts on your favorite blogs. It's going to be annoying at first but we'll get used to it and learn to move on. There are always options like Facebook, Twitter, Bloglovin and Instagram :) Ah well, we'll see how you can follow THT when GR is really gone :)

Today I have loads of O.P.I's to how you guys :D Have a look...

That's quite a bit right ;) No part 1's and 2's for this one...I am desperate to finish PP75 now.

Thursday, 14 March 2013

L’Oréal Paris Femina Women Awards 2013

Hi ladies,

Today's post is about something quite special, the Power of us Women!! With all that has been happening in India over the past few months in particular, I think its really important for us to celebrate some of India's most outstanding women.

Monday, 11 March 2013

Project Polish 75 'Colorbar'

Hello ladies,

I am back with another set of untried polishes. Its two glitter topcoats and one totally spring-y creme from the Colorbar Pro range.

Retro Silver, Peach Rose, Disco Gold

Friday, 8 March 2013

Project Polish 75 'M.A.C'

Hi there ladies,

Wish you all a very happi women's day. I hope you all acknowledge the fact that we have a special day dedicated to us due to the slight superiority we have over men ;)

I have 5 M.A.C polishes to show you guys today and 1 of the lot was bought way back in winter 2011 :/

Festive Finery, Endless night, Formidable, Soiree, Girl Trouble

Thursday, 7 March 2013

Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain 'Romantic' swatch & review

By now it must be a common knowledge that my dislike for bold/bright lip colors is more stronger then my love for neutrals. I tend to look for neutrals in every lipstick stand I see around in stores. Buying the neutral Revlon lip butter in Brown Sugar left a bitter taste in my mouth (not literally okay) and I took it as a signal from the makeup god up in the heaven that it is high time I stopped buying brown nude lip colors. If I wasn't satisfied with the 25 odd neutral lippies that I have then I probably won't be with another 50 :p

And so I came to the decision to try some other color and I had even mentioned in my Revlon Just Bitten 'Honey' swatch post that I would like to try a red from the same range.

So when Revlon launched these gol-mol babies in India, I hopped and skipped to my usual cosmetic store to buy my 1st red lipstick or rather a tinted lip balm. If I am going to try and use more of bold lip colors, it better not be totally in-your-face types :/

Monday, 4 March 2013

Project Polish 75 'Revlon'

Hello lacquer loving ladies :D

Today there's some easily available polish swatches...It's Revlon time :p

Michievous, Pink Chiffon

Friday, 1 March 2013

My shopping expereince with ''

My online shopping spree has reduced quite a bit these days. The delivery time the stores are taking is annoying and quite a put off. So when I had a chance to try out, I was praying that it is everything I expect an online shopping portal to be. Guess what ? It actually is.

Amidst the plethora of online shopping stores, is this huge store called Jabong which houses an amazing variety of everything from cosmetics and skin care to under garments. Their plastic packing pretty much lists everything they have ;)

I was going through the bags section since I wanted to buy one for my sister in law. I was soo confused while I was going through the hundreds of handbags. From high end like Guess and Diesel to good for college go-ers, Jabong has something for everyone !!

I narrowed down on this grey handbag by Kiara due to its simplicity and size. My SIL needs a huge bag to accommodate all sorts of baby stuff for her 1 year old.

Surfing the website and ordering is pretty easy. Immediately on placing the order, you recieve an email and a sms followed by a confirmation call.

To my happiness, the bag arrived on the 3rd day after ordering. I had already received a sms saying that my parcel was out for delivery.

It was packed in a plastic bag lined with bubble sheet. On the outside was this label which said I could open the packing and check the stuff inside before paying for it ! How cool is that ?? Nobody, really no other online store does that :D

All in all its been a nice experience and we( my family as a whole) have shopped a lot from since the handbag...belts, wallets, perfume, jewelry etc...

The only flipside being that you have to pay a sum of Rs.39 if you choose the COD mode of payment !! Not good :/

Oh, for the beauty lovers, has MUA and Accessorize beauty products too :)

Store Rating: 4.5/5 happi :)

Have you guys shopped from ?? How has your experience been ? Lemme know below :)

Project Polish 75 'Sally Hansen'

Hello girls,
I am back with another set of untrieds. This time its Sally Hansen in the spotlight. Also I have a nail polish pen which I used for the 1st time too.

The polish pen here is Silver Chrome...metallic grey silver...horribly streaky !!

And its not just the Sally Hansen pen that is streaky, but I have read similar reviews about the OPI ones too...

Next up is Blue Me Away from the Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear range...a bright blue..good at 2 coats...

That's all people for today...See ya'll on monday with another brand :D