Monday, 18 March 2013

Maybelline BB Stick 'Fawn' swatch & review

So this review has been lying in my drafts for 2 weeks now and people are already raving about the recently launched Maybelline wonder, their Clear Glow BB Stick ! There's not gonna be anything new in my review of it. Only some more proof about its goodness.

The new Maybelline Clear Glow BB Stick comes in a twist-up bullet with the trademark Clear Glow packing. It claims to have 8 benefits again. Some hits and a couple of misses too. I am simply going to summarize it for you guys :)

The Happies:

* Has light coverage.
* Blends easily.
* Evens skintone. ( see my jaw and chin area in the face pics below)
* Gives a radiant look, something that the BB cream didn't give me earlier.
* Contains salicylic acid which prevents breakouts. I experienced a couple of break outs after the initial 2 days of using this. But I wanted to be sure if the BB stick was the cause. So I used the stick again for 3 days after the new acne babies were gone and voila ! No more break outs :D So yes, this doesn't make the skin breakout.
* Contains 21 SPF.
* Sturdy and compact packing.
* Reasonably priced.

The Saddies:

* Available only in 2 shades, Fawn and Radiance. May not work well for everyone.
* Does not live upto the claim of no shine for 12 hours. My face went oily after 4 hours.
* Does not moisturize enough hence the dry skinned beauties will need a moisturizer underneath.
* Some claims like sweat/oil/sebum control, hiding pores, etc to be taken with a pinch of salt. I am yet to know how this fares on me while I am out in the hot summer sun.

You can use the stick directly on your face but I guess that's not very hygienic especially for a skin like mine. I don't want the acne bacteria to be on the stick while its lounging in my make up stash. Hence I use fingers to apply and blend.

I also noticed how much of the product has already been used. I think if you use it daily, the stick would be over in a month :o

Price: Rs.250/10 gms

Rating: 4.5/5 (if only the brand added a couple of more shades)

Since the stick in 'Fawn' shade suits my skintone perfectly, I am surely going to be repurchasing this one. Have you picked up your stick yet ? Lemme know below :)


  1. im in love with how smooth my face feels with this, n its perfect for college for me :)
    ur looking so pretty :)

    1. I know its perfect for college going beauty lovers :)

      Thank you poorva :)

  2. I love it a lot too. I bought Radiance to blend along with. fawn coz fawn was a bit darker for my skin.

    1. Ohh that's like more work!! Its good that its reasonably priced :)

  3. well hey there sexy lady! lol it certainly does even out your skintone and hide some of your blemishes :-)

    Cherry Lane xx

    1. LOL

      Oh yeah I really like the fact that it visibly evens out my skintone !!

  4. Fabulous review, darling! xoxo, Mandy