Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Maybelline HyperGlossy Runway Pop Liquid Liner 'Turquoise Blue' swatch & review

Heya ladies,

Last year we saw a lot of mint green color. Be it pants, nail polish, accesories or footwear, the shade was everywhere. Well, its time for a mint green eye liner that is glossy, water proof, smudgeproof and long wearing !! Sounds good ? Let's see how exactly good it is ;)

Maybelline New York presents the HYPERGLOSSY RUNWAY POP LIQUID LINER for eyes that shine with the boldest design! This is Maybelline New York's newest launch. The one I have is the shade called 'Turquoise Blue'.

And bold, this liner is :p

This pop of color comes in a small black shiny bottle with a long handle with all the lettering in the color of the liner. The word 'pop' is written on the handle and it looks kinda sexy, the whole packaging ;)

The brush is made of thin bristles and not the felt tip, thank god. The long handle and the thin brush make application very easy.

Now coming to business :p

Mint green/blue with shimmer.The shimmer is not exactly visible but that's what gives the liner, the glossy shine.

Turquoise Blue is quite pigmented but may need a swipe more to build up proper intensity.

This practically lasted whole day long !!! The claim is up for 24 hours but I had this liner on for almost 14 hours. These eye liners are waterproof, unlike their original black cousin, so I am guessing these would put up good in sweaty summers as well. Oh but not if you rubbed your eyes often. This smudgeproof and waterproof baby doesn't need make up removers to get it off you. If you rubbed it a bit after wetting it, it will be gone.

The Illamasqua speckled eye liner trend is going to rock this season and is super easy to do. And these eye liners make life easy for color lovers ;) Now don't ask why I didn't do that look...I suck at applying eye liners which is perfectly clear from the above pic :p

Shades available: Tangerine Orange ( reviewed by Nisha of Beauty and the Cheap), Turquoise Blue and Khaki !!

Price: This wasn't mentioned in the PR note I received so I am guessing its going to be around the price of Hyperglossy liquid liner in black which retails for Rs.225.

Rating: 4/5

Colorful eye liners is not everybody's cuppa tea. Especially not when the shades are like pastel green and neon orange. But those wanting to experiment, will find heaven.So what do you guys think of these pop of colors ? I had a hard time wrapping my head around the idea of a mint green eye liner on myself (keyword 'myself'). Would you dare to wear such shades ? Lemme know below :)

*pr sample.


  1. Great color...lovely review

  2. it was not waterproof for me at all :(

    1. Noo ?? Damn, I cried buckets and the liner was still there lol

  3. I love the mint! It's so Tiffany's like. Me wanty. :O I hope they make more colours in the future, I loved my orange. Lol! It was pretty waterproof on me too, I had to rub my hand swatches with soap to get them out.

    1. :D

      Oh I didn't need soap but at least it lasted like 14 hours !!

  4. The other one is Khaki which I got. And im very happy they sent that color. I cant carry off orange and turqoise!

    1. Oh great thanks, i'll jut update the post :) And reviewwww :p I wanna see how it is ;)

  5. I like colors, but probably I'll not be able to carry orange or turquoise blue on myself.. look forward to khaki though.