Friday, 15 March 2013

Project Polish 75 'O.P.I'

Hello ladies,

So most of you would know about the farewell of Google Reader. Yeah, that list of latest posts on your favorite blogs. It's going to be annoying at first but we'll get used to it and learn to move on. There are always options like Facebook, Twitter, Bloglovin and Instagram :) Ah well, we'll see how you can follow THT when GR is really gone :)

Today I have loads of O.P.I's to how you guys :D Have a look...

That's quite a bit right ;) No part 1's and 2's for this one...I am desperate to finish PP75 now.

Let's start off with the full size bottles :)

YES I have the original OPI liquid sand from the Mariah Carey Collection :D

Stay The Night...bright magenta glitter sparkling in black base. I absolutely love this one. This is 3 coats shown here.

This one sure needs a close up :D

Privacy Please is yet another palette cleanser and so far my favorite...3 coats here.

Jade Is The New Black is from the core collection and a classic. Lovely jade green, 2 coats here.

Gone Gonzo is a glitter topper with fine blue glitter and small silver hex. This was a part of the Muppets collection.

Index- 1 coat of GG on it own
Middle- 2 coats of GG on its own
Ring-  1 coat over baby pink creme
Pinky- 2 coats over baby pink creme

Pirouette My Whistle is filled with fine silver glitter and small satin white hex in a clear base. This is actually a part of the OPI NY Soft Shades Ballet Collection and I had loved the soft look of this one so much that I bought a full size bottle inspite of getting a mini in the collection mini set :p

Index- 1 coat of PMW on it own
Middle- 2 coats of PMW on its own
Ring-  1 coat over black creme
Pinky- 2 coats over black creme

This is one coat over one of the soft shades from the set. ( don't remember which one was it )

Now the minis...I had gotten the OPI Soft Shades NY Ballet Collection mini set last year from ebay. All the soft shades are jellies :D and the soft white glitter is to die for ;)

Don't Touch My Tutu is a soft white jelly. I dunno what I find more cute, the polish or its name :p

My Pointe Exactly is a pale grey jelly. I love grey...polishes,not shades of grey ;)

Care To Danse is a pale lilac, almost pink jelly.

Lol the glitter from Stay The Night is showing up in this swatch pic :p

The last mini bottle is Pirouette My Whistle but as I said earlier, I have it in full size so I haven't used the mini and I am saving it for an occasion ;)

I LOVE all my O.P.I's Its difficult to not love them especially when they are so expensive in India ;)

Which one did you guys like from these ? Lemme know below :)


  1. Stay The Night is beautiful... lovely swatches Dhara :)

  2. This post is EPIC!! I love that first photo with all the bottles lined up proud! lol Mariah looks awesome! and Pirouette My Whistle is so pwettyyy!!!

  3. wow all of them are gorgeous :D

  4. Stay the night is super gorgeous!

  5. You know I want Stay the Night .... :D