Monday, 4 March 2013

Project Polish 75 'Revlon'

Hello lacquer loving ladies :D

Today there's some easily available polish swatches...It's Revlon time :p

Michievous, Pink Chiffon

Mischievous is a dusty dark purple creme...goopey and streaky at 2 coats.

Pink Chiffon is a pale pink jelly :D Soo good for glitter sandwiches...this is 3 coats here.

I got two moreee :D

Flirt, Fuchsia Pink
Flirt is pastel lavender creme...2 coats since its a bit thick..

Last of the Revlons..phew...Fuchia Pink is hot hot hot neon pink..3 coats here...

Well thats all for today. See ya'll with some more interesting polishes :)


  1. Pink chiffon and the lavender are my faves! Pink chiffon looks a bit like that Zoya polish..madison road I think it was called :-)

  2. I have mischievous shade on my toes right now :) :P