Saturday, 20 April 2013

M.A.C eye shadow 'Humid' swatch & review + EOTD

There are some eye shadows that you are bound to find in every eye makeup lover's stash and some colors that every eye makeup lover needs. I am going to show you one such shadow today. Presenting an  by MAC called 'Humid'. Let's not think about how the name is related to the shadow coz its beyond me :p

Available in a plastic box with a flip open transparent lid as well as a refill pan.

Acc. To MAC, Humid is an intense green with shimmer. And for once it is a very apt description. It comes out with a beautiful golden sheen, making it very apt to go with Indian outfits. It complements the Indian skin tone amazingly well :D

Humid falls under the 'frost' category of MAC eye shadow textures. Normally frosted shadows are dry to touch and difficult to blend but Humid refutes both these characteristics, being very soft and creamy to touch and blends very easily.

Pigmentation and longevity:
Humid is highly pigmented and lasts for more then six hours very easily without creasing or fading. Very high for oily lids like mine ;)

Price: Rs. 720 for the refill pan and Rs. 950 for the boxed shadow. Quantity is 1.5gm.

Rating: 4.5/5 happi :)

I love Humid too much because it makes for an excellent eye liner too. In fact if you dab Humid over any green liner, the effect is super gorgeous. If there is one green eye shadow that you should have, then it is Humid :)


  1. You eye look is amazing!! I have to admit I wasn't convinced looking at the pan or the swatch but seeing your EOTD has totally brought it alive! I'm sold! lol

    1. Aww K, thank u...Trust me on this..Humid is awesome :D

  2. wow your eye makeup is gorgeous :) loved it :)

  3. to say the truth my eyes were drawn towards the other shadows in the background.

    Luv ur EOTD. So beautiful.

  4. i loveee d eyeshadow color!!
    and i love ur eyes more :)
    so pretty

  5. That's a very pretty eyeshadow...The swatch doesn't looks half as great as it does on your eyes...