Friday, 26 April 2013

Naild'It Unique nail polish in 'Honey Bunny' and 'Brite Kite Dance' swatches and review

Hi guys,

Its been a long time since I reviewed a nail polish. Swatching had been easier then actually dissecting products :p

Today I have for you two polishes from an indie brand 'Naild'It' called Honey Bunny and Brite Kite Dance.

Honey Bunny is an exclusive polish to MeimeiSignatures and has the new rage in the glitter world. Round/dot glitter !! Well its not new now but a rage nonetheless.

It is a very light pink crelly, filled with holo silver and black big round glitter, light pink and fuchsia small dot glitter, black glitter in different shapes and sizes and the tiniest hint of shimmer and fine holo glitter.

Normally, application of polishes filled with multi shaped glitter is a bit difficult. Honey Bunny did not have the same problems given the glitter is mainly small in size. But I certainly did need to place the bigger dots where I wanted them.

I only had to use 2 coats for opacity and a bit of dabbing for having more glitters on the nails. The larger dots don't tend to come out often and you may have to fish for them. But the outcome is totally worth the hassle !! Keeping the bottle upside down for a while can solve this problem.

Brite Kite Dance is has another current rage. Neon glitties :D There are purple, yellow and  green hex neon glitters in different sizes in a pale pink crelly with a hint of shimmer.

I needed 2 coats for this two. I suggest the upside down bottle ritual for this one too coz the larger hexes are sparse and you definitely want at least 1 on each nail ;)

Indie polishes are not easily available in india and hence are a little expensive but I am so short on time these days that I don't have time for decorating my nails even with a glitter topcoat. So investing in ready made unique glitter polishes seems like a good idea. And anyways, there are so many beautiful creations coming up that its hard for a polish addict to just pass these up :p

Price: 16 SGD each

Available on:

Rating: 4/5 happi :)

Some of you might have noticed that I have a separate page at the top for nail polish swatches. I plan to put in swatches of all the polishes in my household (yes there are two more women, that just means more polishes ;) ) Keep checking the gallery periodically since swatching a ton of nail polish is a lil time consuming task and I may not be able to update it frequently.

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  1. These are some really iinteresting polishes....would love to own one of them...but this brand is available in India at all :(