Saturday, 4 May 2013

Chit Chat Vol.5

Hi girls,

Its Saturday again and time our for our weekly chit chat ;)

Let's talk about skin care today :) Skincare products is something that I don't like to experiment with. I started with Neutrogena sunblock some 12 years back and hated it. Then came along dermatologists for acne treatment. And until 4 years back, I was unaware about the importance of moisturizer for oily skin. Then I was introduced to a miracle called Clinique. And I have never looked back :D

I did get off the track when a certain good brand came to India 2 years back but in no time, I knew I had made a mistake. And now that I am back to Clinique, I have sworn I am not doing any experiments regarding skin care products. Not only they are expensive but if it doesn't work, you are back with damaged skin which you will need to nurse back to goodness. So no more skin experiments for me....How about you ? ;)

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