Thursday, 27 June 2013

Lush Lacquer Clowing Around swatches + Neon Challenge Mani 1

Hello lovely ladies,

Neon is sucha hot trend since some time and it has infiltrated the 'indie polish' world too. By now each and every indie polish maker has their own version of neon glitter polishes. And they such cute looking spots that it is impossible to see them and not wanna buy them !!

So here I am, with a clear based neon glitter topper called 'Clowning Around' from the brand Lush Lacquer. 

It's got translucent hexes of different sizes in blue, green, yellow, pink, orange and purple...all neon.

Bottle Macro

Since the glitter is translucent, it pops best on white or light (think pastel) bases.

I had topped Clowning Around over a silver holo too in my last mani but I am awful with taking nail pics that include all my fingers so skipped it then. Now seems the time to show the effect of CA on silver...

Now, nail blogger Puja of CuteNailStudio decided to do a challenge with neon as the theme. Normally I never commit to such challenges but she was practical and decided on 4 neon themed manis in 2 weeks. I think I can manage that !! So here is my 1st mani for Neon Polish Challenge...

Pretty simple cause I was awfully uninspired and running out of time.

On the thumb is 'Neon Orange' and on the ring finger is, 'Neon Green', both from Kleancolor... Topped them both with 'White Out' from Jensations.

Lush Lacquer polishes can be bought from the following websites:

Lush Lacquer Etsy (intl shipping might close down soon)



The Lush Lacquer ladies are on facebook their page and you can stay updated with all the new collection pictures and announcement. The mother-daughter duo is really sweet :)

Lemme know of this neon glitter topper below :)

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