Wednesday, 31 July 2013

♥ 1st Birthday Giveaway ♥

Yes, lovely people...The Happi Therapy turns 1 exactly one month from now. It has been an exciting one year..had fun doing posts, had writer's block(s), made amazing friends, received family's support, and more importantly, had a motive to come out of that typical Indian 'housewife' tag. I am happi with how things are going with the blog, however slow it may be, it suits my world and the responsibilities that come with it.

I haven't had too many giveaways because I was planning some good things for this one. I wanted the 1st anniversary to be special. And as always, the lovely Kiran came to my rescue and offered to send me the prizes for the Indian winner, stuff that you don't get easily in India. Oh yeah, this one's international :D So 2 winners in total, one will be an Indian citizen and one from outside India ;)

Lets have a peek at the prizes...

Prizes for the non-Indian winner. Lip color and polish only for reference, the winner will be asked to choose a shade of her preference.

Prizes for the Indian winner.

Of course, I am using rafflecopter for the giveaway and there's a lot of social following to be done..Sorry about that :p The rules are in the widget below. If there is anything you want clarified, you know where to reach me ;) All the social buttons are in right sidebar !!

Hoping there is no negativity of any kind happening here...

Good Luck...

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Tuesday, 30 July 2013

China Glaze 'Running In Circles' swatch, review & NOTD

Hello peeps,

Does anyone remember what the Pantone Color of the  Year is ?? No ?? It's emerald green loves :D And today I am going to show you a beautiful emerald green nail polish from China Glaze called Running in Circles. This was a part of the Cirque De Soliel World's Away Collection. I have already show another awesome polish from this collection called It's A Trap-ese earlier here.

Look at  that gorgeouuussss green brightness :D

Running in Circles is an emerald green shimmer polish with a medium green base. It has this glass fleck sort of look with a golden hint...

Although you can see some nail line here but it's not that obvious in person. I have used 2 coats here and no top coat. The consistency and formula are very nice, as you would expect from a brand like China Glaze.

In some crazy moment, I had decided to do some nail art for every polish I swatch for the blog. So here is some wild bows for this polish...

Yes, leopard print and bows will work every damn time :p

China Glaze Running in Circles can be bought from and

What do you think of this polish ?? Lemme know below :)

Sunday, 28 July 2013

The Hindustan Times Hullabaloo ;)

Yes, hullabaloo...about what you ask ?? Yours truly has been featured in the supplement magazine of Hindustan Times called 'Brunch' :D

Click here to read what the journalist has to say about the beauty bloggers of Punjab and beauty blogging in general.

This was so unexpected..receiving a mail from the journo and asking if I could do an interview with her...I immediately said yes, of course..who in their sane mind would let go of this opportunity ? So there was the interview and then the dreaded photoshoot...I was extremely nervous. I am soooo bad at getting pics clicked and getting the right expressions. The photographer was very patient with me and asked me to smile the widest I could lol ..

Hubby was there during the photoshoot and he kept going behind the photographer and making weird faces to get m e to laugh LOL.. But it was super fun and I  absolutely loved the set up, the guy created...

He took such amazing pics, all of which haven't been by the newspaper obviously. I'll put a few up on the blog's FB page as soon as I have them !!

This is more of an encouragement than an achievement. There is a long way to go, hopefully with you readers, friends and family by my side :)

Saturday, 27 July 2013

Neon Mani Challenge #4

Hello all,

I am here with the last of the Neon Mani Challenge. But, rest assured,  you will be seeing many more neon manicures as I have a ton of new nail polishes with neon glitties to show you guys ;)

So here  is Neon Polka Overload...

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

L'Oreal Paris Color Riche lipstick 'Crazy Fuchsia' swatch & review

These days, I have been on a look out for bright fuchsia lipsticks.And I have already bought 4 but with no satisfaction. But that's a different story altogether. The very 1st I bought is L'Oreal Paris Color Riche lipstick in 'Crazy Fuchsia'. This looks very much like the shade that I had in mind while fuchsia lippie shopping.

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

O.P.I Privacy Please swatch & Neon Mani Challenge #3

Hello ladies,

I am finally posting another neon mani. I had worn this almost 2 weeks back but I have been pathetically lazy to write about it. Anyways, here it is...

Again, nothing too arty..just 3 polishes thrown together in the easiest way possible.

The base is O.P.I Privacy Please, a neutral palette cleanser !!

I love such neutral shades as much as the brights <3

I just did a slanting french with Orly Beach Cruiser, a neon pink, outlined it with black and added Dandy Nails Colorblind squared.

Another shot of the mani...


Soo...I have the pictures of the next mani too...hope to get them up soon...thankfully, I put in more effort in the last one :p

Lemme know below what you think of this one...

Friday, 19 July 2013

Mint Mani in remembrance of Talia Joy Castellano

The whole beauty and nail blogging community is undoubtedly saddened by the untimely death of one of its youngest and a very talented member, 13 yr. old Talia Joy Castellano who was suffering from 2 types of cancer since last 6 years. Talia was a beauty guru on YouTube and if you have a go at her videos, you will see how positive she was about her ailment and is a classic example of why you should have a positive attitude despite of all your problems. During her appearance on the very popular 'The Ellen Show, she was asked about her positive attitude and the lil girl had answered, " What do you want me to do ? Stay depressed ? A lil fishy told me to 'Just keep swimming...just keep swimming" Just a glimpse of her outlook towards life....

So today, after 3 days of her passing away, the nail community is paying their tribute to this lil inspirational soul by wearing mint colored nails. Here is my contribution...

Saturday, 13 July 2013

Deborah Milano ShineTech Gel Like No. 2 swatch and Neon Challenge Mani #2

Hi all,
If you remember I took up a neon nail art challenge 2 weeks back, where in I had to do 4 neon nail arts in 2 weeks...Now if we do away with the time limit, I can complete the challenge. The motive of it still remains; to take some time out for something I really love - nail art !!

Anyways, here is the 2nd mani I did using neon nail polish....

Sunday, 7 July 2013

Randomness !!

Hello there,

Missed me ?? I hope you did :p I am just so tired of my own disappearing acts that I feel I owe an explanation here.

So much has been happening that I fear if I wrote everything over here, I am going to sound like an old woman complaining about her life lol.

 First of all, heat !! It is soo bloody hot and dry over here in Punjab. There are floods happening in the neighboring state and my city is drought !!

The heat is making kids sick and my daughter especially, keeps coming down with fever every now and then. The whole day I am trying to make her finish her meals.

My face is becoming a playground for acne. That rules out taking pics for the blog. Hence no reviews for sometime. And whatever pics I already have, I am plain lazy to write anything...All I want to do the whole day is put my ac on, get in the bed, sip on chilled soda and watch rom coms :D

I took a 3 day trip to a small hill station called Dalhousie in Himachal Pradesh. Wasn't the best trip but it was a nice change :)

The best thing that happened in the last few days is that I got interviewed and photographed for a magazine called 'Brunch' which is published by Hindustan Times and comes as a supplement to the sunday newspaper. The interview went on well but the photo session was the tricky part. I had such a hard time smiling at the camera...hubby had to go behind the photographer and make weird faces at me X_X I will share the web link on the blog when its published :)

I am soo lazy to prepare posts right now like I said earlier but hubby is out of town for a month so I should have plenty of free time on my hand and I am gonna get bored sometime soon and hopefully, that will make me get back to blogging !!

And...I am on Instagram too...I put a badge on the side bar with the other social buttons :)

Pheww..end of rant !! Hope to see you all soon with a new review :)