Sunday, 7 July 2013

Randomness !!

Hello there,

Missed me ?? I hope you did :p I am just so tired of my own disappearing acts that I feel I owe an explanation here.

So much has been happening that I fear if I wrote everything over here, I am going to sound like an old woman complaining about her life lol.

 First of all, heat !! It is soo bloody hot and dry over here in Punjab. There are floods happening in the neighboring state and my city is drought !!

The heat is making kids sick and my daughter especially, keeps coming down with fever every now and then. The whole day I am trying to make her finish her meals.

My face is becoming a playground for acne. That rules out taking pics for the blog. Hence no reviews for sometime. And whatever pics I already have, I am plain lazy to write anything...All I want to do the whole day is put my ac on, get in the bed, sip on chilled soda and watch rom coms :D

I took a 3 day trip to a small hill station called Dalhousie in Himachal Pradesh. Wasn't the best trip but it was a nice change :)

The best thing that happened in the last few days is that I got interviewed and photographed for a magazine called 'Brunch' which is published by Hindustan Times and comes as a supplement to the sunday newspaper. The interview went on well but the photo session was the tricky part. I had such a hard time smiling at the camera...hubby had to go behind the photographer and make weird faces at me X_X I will share the web link on the blog when its published :)

I am soo lazy to prepare posts right now like I said earlier but hubby is out of town for a month so I should have plenty of free time on my hand and I am gonna get bored sometime soon and hopefully, that will make me get back to blogging !!

And...I am on Instagram too...I put a badge on the side bar with the other social buttons :)

Pheww..end of rant !! Hope to see you all soon with a new review :)

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