Sunday, 28 July 2013

The Hindustan Times Hullabaloo ;)

Yes, hullabaloo...about what you ask ?? Yours truly has been featured in the supplement magazine of Hindustan Times called 'Brunch' :D

Click here to read what the journalist has to say about the beauty bloggers of Punjab and beauty blogging in general.

This was so unexpected..receiving a mail from the journo and asking if I could do an interview with her...I immediately said yes, of course..who in their sane mind would let go of this opportunity ? So there was the interview and then the dreaded photoshoot...I was extremely nervous. I am soooo bad at getting pics clicked and getting the right expressions. The photographer was very patient with me and asked me to smile the widest I could lol ..

Hubby was there during the photoshoot and he kept going behind the photographer and making weird faces to get m e to laugh LOL.. But it was super fun and I  absolutely loved the set up, the guy created...

He took such amazing pics, all of which haven't been by the newspaper obviously. I'll put a few up on the blog's FB page as soon as I have them !!

This is more of an encouragement than an achievement. There is a long way to go, hopefully with you readers, friends and family by my side :)

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