Thursday, 29 August 2013

M.A.C lipstick 'Velvet Teddy' swatches & review

One thing that I have realized is that my love for nude lip colors will never die. How much ever I crave for reds and fuchsias, I will always come back to muted beiges and I am not complaining, if I can have something as good as M.A.C Velvet Teddy !!


As, with all M.A.C lipsticks...bullet shaped, black matte case.


M.A.C describes Velvet teddy as deep tone beige. It's a beige alright, just with a tiny hint of peach !! It's nude enough to be paired with heavy eyes but also colorful enough for when I am only wearing kohl !! Even though I am NW41, it doesn't exactly wash me out and looks heavenly with heavy smokey eyes <3 I wouldn't recommend it for darker skintones though !

Texture & Application:

Velvet Teddy is a matte lipstick. Don't run away just yet, ladies. It's not your typical matte. But of course, M.A.C mattes are just as creamy and soft gliding as their cremesheens !! And hence, non drying.

Pigmentation & Longevity:

Since Velvet Teddy is a matte,  it does a good job at covering my semi pigmented lips in a single swipe but I like to go over with another one only out of habit. Notice how we automatically start to go over the lips repeatedly, without even thinking whether a 2nd swipe is even needed ?? That's me, at least :p

Velvet Teddy lasts on me for about 4 hours with a meal. And this is one lipstick I never mind re-applying.

A word of caution : I am not sure whether this happens with the others but I am facing problems with this lipstick settling in the fine lines and forming a ghastly line at the inner edge of my lower lip :( The lip swatch pic clearly shows the 'settling'. A huge turn off !

But I still love this lipstick, merely because how flattering it looks on me <3

 Sorry for the crappy phone cam pic...This was taken on the day of my photoshoot with Hindustan Times

Price: Rs.990/3 gm

Rating: 4/5 happi :)

Temme what you think about Velvet it cuddly enough for you ? ;)

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