Sunday, 1 September 2013

♥ 1st Birthday Giveaway Winner Announcement ♥

It's The Happi Therapy's 1st birthday today guys, woohoooo :D

Well, a speech has to be there on this occasion, promise, I will make it short...

First of all, a HUGE shout out to my soul sister Kiran :*  She has been with me through the making of this blog from the very beginning. Everything that happens with this blog, or my life, for that matter, she goes through it with me. She is the bestest friend anyone can ask for. Not to mention, the beautiful person she is, inside :) Love ya, babe ;)

Second of all, a huge thanks to everyone who has ever commented on my you all for all the sweet word, you guys have showered me with :)

Third of all (last, I promise) my darling husband, whose pocket I burn ;) who raises his eye brows every time he receives a text message from his bank lol

So, the winners are....

Silvia B. (International)

Gunavathy G (Indian)

Congratulations to both the winners. I am waiting for your replies. If I  don't receive reverts from the winners by 48 hours, I will pick new ones ! But I hope that doesn't happen.

Thank you once again guys :D