Saturday, 7 September 2013

Glam Polish 'Star Candy' swatches

Okay, I admit I am high on neon glitter. And, let me warn you, I am not done yet...I have many more neon glitter polishes to show you guys. But all in a good time. Today, I am showing you another neon glitter topper from 'Glam Polish' called 'Star Candy'. This is very similar to 'Secret Garden'.

The difference will be better visible here...

Yes, this one's got stars !!! Pink and green stars, neon stars :D

Next time, I think I am gonna layer both this one and Secret Garden together !! Worth a try, no ??

And, if anyone in interested in having a look at the gradient base, here it is...

I have to admit that I am not much fan of plain black and white on Indian skintones and unfortunately, neon glitts look the best on black and white. Not that they don't look good on other colors, but I am biased regarding these combos. Anyway, I didn't like this gradient AT ALL. It is just contradicting the general idea of 'gradients'. Glitter just makes everything better and covers the flaws.

Lemme know what do you think about this neon glitter topper :)

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