Monday, 30 September 2013

Indian Lacquer Lovers Nail Challenge Week 2: Inspired by a 'Pattern'

Hi lacquer lovers,

Another nail treat today :D It's time to show my mani for the Indian Lacquer Lovers nail challenge pattern inspired mani. Now, the funny thing is I didn't even look around for inspiration. All I knew was, patterns involve intricacy and I am, no way in hell, doing it free hand. So stamping is my only option lol. So I rummaged through my 'untried' stamping plates stash, (yes, I not only have an untried nail polishes stash but also a good amount of stamping plates with their protective plastics on...*ashamed*) and picked up the 1st decent looking design and got onto work !!

For the base, I used O.P.I 'Funny Bunny', a soft white jelly and topped it with a layer of Lush Lacquer 'Freckles'. 

'Freckles', as you can see, is a mix of small neon glitter hexes. Best looking on solid white. But using it on a soft white did soften the whole look. I will put up more swatches of Freckles in a separate post later.

I, then stamped a swirly design using Konad stamping polish and Cheeky CH52 stamping plate.

I wish the neon showed up a little more, anyways...

Oddly (for me), I am excited about the next theme and can't wait to explore and improve my poor skills..

Lemme know what you think of this design :)