Wednesday, 18 September 2013

M.A.C Prep+Prime Transparent Finishing Powder review

Oily skin has a lot of disadvantages, we all know of a few. For makeup junkies like you and me, what could be worse than having a slick shine on your face even before you have left your house on a tacky Indian summer afternoon ?? Well we do have a solution for that. M.A.C Prep+Prime Transparent Finishing Powder to your rescue ma'am !! This is the pressed version here but it's also available in loose powder form.

All products from the Prep + Prime range come in shiny black cases. So this powder comes in a pan similar to the M.A.C Studio Fix compact but in a shiny black case and without a sponge.  It also has a small mirror inside so you can use it on the go !!

What is it ?
A silky, colorless finishing powder suitable for all skin tones. Reduces shine while optically minimizing the look of lines & imperfections. Wear over makeup or on its own. ( Taken from M.A.C website)

What does it do ?
It is a setting powder. It blurs minor imperfections and also works as a blotting agent.

How to use ?
This powder can be used to set the whole makeup or under the eye to set the concealer or to blot the shine on the face or to even mattify creamy lipsticks. This also prolongs the longevity of the makeup. My concealer on the under eye area doesn't crease anymore. Even though I still sweat and shine after a couple of hours but my makeup doesn't move for a long long time. Since it is transparent, it will work for anyone and everyone.

Highly recommended for oily skin beauties !! If you are buying the loose powder, there is a chance of wastage with every use due to the 'tapping' of the brush. A little goes a long way with the pressed version. And thank god, summer and sweat season is almost over !! Yayy

Price: Rs 1450/ 6.3 gms
Rating: 5/5 happi :)

Next time you are at the M.A.C store, do give this baby a try :)

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