Tuesday, 22 October 2013

ILL Nail Challenge : Festive Theme (Karvachauth/Bridal Nails)

Hello lacquer lovers,

I have another mani to add to the nail challenge series. The theme this week is 'Festive'. Now, 'Karvachauth' is the festival closest i.e tomorrow. For non-Indians, this festival is a one day fast that women(mostly north Indian) do for the longevity of their husbands. Thankfully, my in laws don't believe in this logic and hence no fats for me YAYY !! I cannot stay away from food, period. But that didn't stopme from getting a beautiful henna design on both my hands ;)

For the mani, I decided to go with the color Red as it is mostly perceived as the color of brides/weddings/anything related to husbands lol. So I did a silver to red glitter gradient...

To achieve this look, I used 4 glitter polishes !!

LA Girl Glitter Addict in 'Explosion' (silver glitter in 2 sizes)
China Glaze 'Love Marilyn' (red+silver glitter)
LA Girl Glitter Addict in 'Animate' (red glitter in 2 sizes)
Deborah Lippmann 'Do Ya Think I'm Sexy ?'(red glitter)

Some more shots...

I am in love with the last pic ;) Before I cropped it, my tattoo was also in it...I could see sort of a story in this pic... red glitter, my mangalsutra, the tattoo with my hubby's inital and the polish bottle with a smarta$$ name...It was like I wanted to ask my hubby "Do Ya Think I'm Sexy?" It's not like he has a choice to say no...but oh well, LOL

This can also be categorized as Bridal Nails since there is red and there is glitter :p