Thursday, 3 October 2013

M.A.C. Cremesheen lipstick 'Speak Louder' swatches & review

There are times when you come across a product which is so fabulous that it completely changes the parameters of a product 'worth the price'. I found that product in M.A.C 'Speak Louder'.

Oh, those usual black bullets which burn a hole in your pocket :p

Speak Louder has been described as 'clean poppy blue pink'. On my pigmented lips, it just gives a hint of berry.

Finish & Texture:
M.A.C Speak Louder is from the 'Cremesheen' finish family. The texture of the lipstick is very creamy(duh) and it does moisturize my lips while it lasts.

Pigmentation & Longevity:
Pigmentation wise, Speak Louder doesn't leave any scope for complains. It is opaque and even in just 1 swipe. It has this warn undertones that will suit any skintone..The lasting power is another aspect of this lipstick which makes it worth its prize. On me, Speak Louder lasted for almost 7.5 hours, albeit with a stain !! But hey, I didn't go bare lipped after what ?? 2 -3 hours wear that most other lippies give !!

Price: Rs.990/3 gms.

Rating: 5/5 happi :)

Highly recommended. Coming from a 'neutral lip lover forever' lol

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