Monday, 18 November 2013

#ILL nail challenge: Theme 'New Technique'

Now before you think that I was supposed to invent some new technique for nail art then my dears, you are in for a surprise :p Coz I did something that I hadn't done before and not new to the world lol....

I tried a technique called 'Saran Wrap'. Before you get scared about the word 'saran', it's just another word for the plastic foils that we use to cover and wrap foods.

Let's 1st have a look at my mani and I'll explain the technique below...

To get this look, you need to decide on 2 or more contrasting colors. I used Barry M Gelly in Dragonfruit, a beautiful bright baby pink creme and Zoya Purity, a flat white creme.

You need to start of with your base color, pink, in my case. Let dry completely.

 This is 3 coats of Barry M Gelly Dragonfruit. So thick and takes ages to dry :/ Also has gorg silver shimmer which doesn't show up on the nail but is certainly there. I have proof :p

Moving forward, either apply your second color on the entire nail or just add drops of the second color on the nail. While it's still wet, take a place piece of plastic wrap and scrunch it into a small ball and dab, dab, dab until you have the desired effect. Top coat it and you are done :D

I did a coat of China Glaze Fairy Dust which is a holographic glitter top coat over the mani and then sealed it with top coat.

I also accented my ring finger with the playboy bunny spangle which I  have had since almost 4 years and this is the 1st time I have used it !!

Overall, I felt like I have over blended the colors but an expert on saran wraps (Sunandha of Sunu's Ramblings) said it was perfect. I know she was just being a supportive friend :p

Last shot :)

Sooo...what do you guys think ?? Lemme know below :)

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