Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Happi New Year & NOTD 'Cold Bling' #ILL Nail Art Challenge

Hey guys,

Can you believe it ? Another year gone by !!

So much work done, so much left to do... 
No regrets for the things I did, when people asked me not to do!!
The new year, I wish...brings days better than the last, 
May there be happiness, forever to last.

(some lame lines I came up with just now:p)

So now onto a mani fit for New Year's Eve...who's going to the partyyyy :D

(btw, I no partying :( 1st jan is my daughter's 7th birthday and I leave for Mumbai on 2nd, so no blog posts till probably 25th Jan:p)

A simple silver gradient with pardyyyy accent :D

Is anyone doing New Year Resolutions ?? Mine is to stop being lazy and blog more ;) Lemme know yours below :D

Happi New Year people !!